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Childhood memories ft. creators

Tarun Ludhwani, Sukhmani Gambhir, Nisman Parpia, Aashi Adani, Aastha Shah, Tarini Shah, Mohit, Shivam Arora share their childhood memories. Let's get a peek into what they were like as children!

As kids, we never knew the importance of memories. Honestly, whenever I think of my childhood all I see myself doing is going out with family every Sunday, going to school, waiting for my best friend to come to the bus stop, and sharing food with my friends in school is one memory I'll cherish forever. Creating happy memories is all we want and it is the best thing to have in the world. No wonder, even today our parents keep talking about how they need to leave good memories behind which their children can cherish and share with their grandchildren.

Even today whenever I am having a conversation that I'm having with my mother and there's a topic of her childhood I get excited and also curious to know more about what her childhood was like. They say that childhood is when we have the most vivid and fondest memories and that they stick with us for life. So, why not get inspired by the childhood memories that have stuck to us for life, and let's listen to fun and cute things that these creators have during their childhood.

Are you excited to know about what our creators have done during their childhood? I know I am

Tarun Ludhwani (@tarun_ludhwani)

"When I was in school in the fourth grade everybody in the building used to play football for hours together without being worried about anything in the world, in a small area in an open space with nobody stopping us and it was like a routine unlike now when there are nets and barricades and the rules which are a bit restrictive which takes away the fun out of everything. Another memory that I would like to share would be about fifteen years ago at my relative's house and would ask for kharchi (in the Sindhi culture kharchi is something you give as a gift to a child) to get an ice gola which I miss now as we don't kind of get them anymore."


Sukhmani Gambhir (@sukhmanigambhir)

"My best memories have been from childhood and most of my good times and moments have been with my family. I am a very family oriented person and we make sure that we're always there for each other. Some of the best memories from my childhood are of spending our Saturday evenings & Sunday mornings in an inflatable pool after school. I've always loved spending time with my family. Even today whenever I am with them you will always find me planning a picnic so I get the time to spend with them. They matter to me the most!"


Nisman Parpia (@niswoman)

"Ahh those were the days we lived for. I cherish the time when it was the last day of exams and we all wished each other "happy independence day" and the joke never got old. The feeling of coming back home and not worrying about the next exam and the day's bus ride felt heavenly. My best friend and I would rush to our secret candy shop (which was actually a normal pharmacy that had fancy candles in the display) located near our house where we bought marshmallows and orange-strawberry lipstick candies along with the jellies shaped like burgers and pizzas and slurp them all while playing board games after which we used to have our favorite ice golas and make sand castl, introduce new random songs to each other and make code words for every person we knew and wanted to gossip about. Our parents were working so we made sure we had each other's back."

Aashi Adani (@aashiadani)

"A childhood memory which I deeply cherish is when I would be in my hometown for the holidays and every evening I would run to my mother to get some money to buy an orange candy when I would hear ice-cream sellers pass by. i would always sit near my window and wait for him to come."


Aastha Shah (@aasthashah97)

"As a child I used to love dancing and eating pizza. Going down the memory lane, I remember waiting for Santa every Christmas eve. My parents had tricked me into believing "Santa, will surprise you if you behave well". I would hang stockings on my window every year just to receive gifts from Santa until I found that it was my mom who was getting me those cute dolls."


Tarini Shah (@tarini_shah)

“I remember this one memory very distinctly from when I was a kid. I think I was in 3rd or 4th standard and my dad decided to surprise our family with a car. I personally have always loved long drives since I was a kid so getting a new car was very exciting for me. The twist here was that no one knew that we were going to get a car except dad. One day he told us that we are going out to lunch and all of us got dressed up. On the way to this location, dad stopped by a showroom and we started looking at cars. We saw this one car that we were really excited about, we sat in it, checked it out and loved it. Dad asked us for the final verdict and we all said yes. Later, we got to know that the car we were just looking at was actually our new car. All of us went bonkers and drove home in that car. This was a truly unexpected thing that happened and one of the best memories of my childhood.”


Mohit (@haramiparindey)

"Pencil boxes! When I was a kid, my father would visit other cities for business and he brought back very fancy pencil boxes. I still remember how I used to be the popular kid because every other month I'd bring these amazing stationery and pencil boxes to school. That feeling was magical it made me really fond of stationery. I'd collect fancy stationery. Growing up, this habit spilled over to collecting expensive pens, diaries, and planners. This habit/obsession taught me how to take care of stuff. I still have untouched diaries from years ago. But somewhere down the line, I lost touch with that kid inside. I still stand in the stationery alley in supermarkets and admire all the beautiful stuff. The other day, I saw a pen that I used in school back then, and my instantaneous reaction was to reach out for it, but then the adult inside me screamed, “you already have so many pens. Do you need it?” and the kid inside lost to the adult logic. I really miss that kid. He lives on in the memories of the simpler days of childhood. My favorite childhood memory is that feeling where I didn’t think twice before reaching out for the things I wanted, literally and metaphorically."

Shivam Arora (@sarorahere)

"Back in the fifth grade, we used to have these state-wide fairs called ‘Gandhi Mela’ to celebrate Gandhiji’s life and accomplishments. Schools from across Delhi participated in it. I played the role of Gandhiji with a broken tooth and clay on my head. I looked absolutely hilarious! So, each school was supposed to send a participant to compete on the main stage for the overall prize. When our turn came, I was made a last minute scapegoat. But, that was the first time I got the chance to deliver a speech in front of over 5k people. I was the last one to perform and unexpectedly, won. I doubt I realised what it meant in that moment. I didn’t fully understand the impact the whole experience left on me and how it changed something deep within. So much so, that I still remember my speech word-by-word till this very day. Maybe, a memory my brain subconsciously decided to carry along and cherish forever?

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