These creators share their favorite Diwali memories with us

Arushi Dusaj
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We all have memories from festivals that we cherish and narrate time and again! These are memories that our favorite creators cherish the most.

Everything is bright and merry, come October! We don't feel so glum anymore, there's holiday-themed content on social media, festive movies to binge-watch, and most importantly, we're surrounded by festivities all around us. It's not just the season of light and rangolis, but it's also the season of plum cakes, wine and a lot of gifts. We still remember how excited we'd be about that year-end holiday shopping, endless sweets, and bursting crackers with family. Today, we do know better than bursting firecrackers but those were memories we'll always cherish.

When we think about our childhood festive activities, it started with making cards, candles, helping mom with making Diwali snacks, and decorating the house with flowers and diyas. Diwali is that time of the year when even the streets light up with diyas and nothing seems gloomy. And this year, Diwali was extra special since we could meet our relatives and friends and eat lots and lots of good food and celebrate togetherness while being safe. While we had a bangin' Diwali, here's what some of these creators have to share about their favorite Diwali memory!

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Arun Singh (@thejhumroo)

"We'd gone to someone’s house to exchange gifts and some mithaai they offered, I don’t even remember which one it was) lured the 10-year-old me very much. After offering it once, they shut the box, and little me wanted to open the box with my pinky finger to get another piece. I thought no one would see but as my tiny hand entered the box, the host uncle happened to open the box once again for us, only to realize that I had planned a heist. Being a very shy kid, I got super embarrassed. Today, adult me would simply say, "Ek aur le loon?"

Aakash Chiripal (@aakashchiripalofficial)

"One thing we all love about Diwali is the cleaning and decorating with mom for the pooja. We would help mom clean the house and decorate it for the pooja. but, my style was putting on the music and feel like we're partying while cleaning so that was fun."

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