The classic tale has been told and re-told many times but this time Cinderella under the guise of a musical tries too hard to be a story of this generation.

It’s a trend to re-image every classic tale or tell it with a refreshing new approach that offers this generation some relatability with old stories. While renewing classics is a great way of narrating old stories to the younger generation, it shouldn’t take away the essence of the story in the first place. Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video tries so hard to be the story that fits into the idea of this generation that it almost ruins the classic in itself. Giving every character some depth and taking a woke approach to tell the story is commendable but they do it to a point where it becomes boring!

The trailer of Cinderella promised that this time she wants much more than a Prince Charming, and she wants to be a businesswoman. And that promise is fulfilled as Cinderella aka Ella wants to open a boutique and be a fashion designer. Living in a regressive town that runs deep into the hands of the evils of patriarchy makes it harder for her to achieve this. On the other hand, our Prince Charming is just a lost cause with no goals or clarity. His sister, yes our Prince Charming has a sister, and mother are quite tired of the patriarchy and having no say in how they lead their own lives. The stepmother has been given quite a makeover as a practical and cynical woman living in a patriarchal world who understands that if women have to survive in this ‘material world’ they have to marry rich. The stepsisters too have been re-imagined with sympathy but not too much screen space. But the God person is definitely the best re-imagination. We loved the way the mice liven up this movie with their dialogues and their fascination with being human for a short while.

Being a musical, the songs are a huge part of the movie. As catchy as they are, they’re highly forgettable too. In fact, the songs which the characters seem to break into quite frequently seem like an unnecessary iteration of the same things that have already been spoken of. Though these, the God person, mice, and the rap announcements are the only thing that actually helps give some life to this movie. Also, each character is not as uptight as the previous renditions of this classic tale. The film definitely has a flair of comedy or rather an inclination towards being a parody of the classic.

In the wake of trying to be woke and in sync with the present generation, Cinderella is trying too hard to fit in but doesn’t succeed entirely. This film did stand out for showing diversity, using slang, portraying women empowerment, self-improvement, and of course the rap announcements. They tried to include too many things at once but it just didn’t fit together. Maybe fleshing out each character and reimagining the classic as a feminist tale was quite a refreshing and much-needed take but it hasn’t been explored to the entirety of its depth. This story had the potential to be great but it feels like this just scratched the surface.

Enough from us, let’s take a look at what the janta feels about it!

The film is directed and written by Kay Cannon and starring Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Nicolas Galitzine, and others. Have you watched this rendition of Cinderella yet that’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video? Tell us in the comments below!

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