Wondering what the janta thought of the atypical love triangle in Cobalt Blue? Let's find out!

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Cobalt Blue

Based on Sachin Kundalkar's novel, Cobalt Blue was released on Netflix on April 2. And the janta obviously had a lot to say about it!

Cobalt Blue is a story about how the plot thickens when a brother and a sister fall in love with the same man, a paying guest who moves into their house. The film is also directed by the author of the book, Sachin Kundalkar, and produced by Open Air Films. We have the striking Prateik Babbar as the paying guest who is hard not to look at when he's on-screen. Neelay Mehendale as Tanay Dixit, an innocent aspiring author and Anjali Sivaraman as Anuja Dixit, who doesn't want be bound to the restrictions of femininity. Geetanjali Kulkarni and Shishir Sharma play the orthodox parents of the sibling duo. Anant Vijay Joshi as Aseem Dixit, the eldest son of the Dixit household and Neil Bhoopalam as Tanay's gay college professor who Tanay mildly flirts with sometimes.

The story is set during a time when same-sex love wasn't legal yet and the Dixits are deeply rooted in their traditional values. The colors used in the misc-en-scène of the film are directly proportional to how the characters are feeling at that moment but mostly work with shades of blue, especially with Tanay. His sexual awakening and love story with the paying guest is sensual and there's passion in his gaze whereas Anuja's encounters with the paying guest feel a bit incomplete. Prateik Babbar gives a sense of freedom to both the siblings in a majorly different manner. The page-to-screen transition of the story feels seamless but also reminds us of the uncanny similarities with Timothée Chalamet's 'Call Me By Your Name.' The movie was initially set to be released in December but finally made it to Netflix in April.

Let's find out janta's reaction to Cobalt Blue!

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