Colorful narratives and bold perspectives: India's emerging modern illustrators giving art a 360 degree turnaround 

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Colorful narratives and bold perspectives: India's emerging modern illustrators giving art a 360 degree turnaround 

Do illustrations get you excited too? Well, we have curated a list of illustrators that you will surely find cool.

India has a rich artistic heritage, and its contemporary art scene is flourishing with talented illustrators making national and international waves. The art on the internet is equally exciting for all of us and the credit for it is on the illustrators who are weaving stories with their art. As we continue to embark on the creativity that they want to share with us, many emerging modern illustrators of India delve into their captivating artwork and promote the social narratives of India. 

From vibrant designs to thought-provoking narratives, these artists are redefining the boundaries of illustration. The world of modern illustration in India is witnessing a vibrant and diverse artistic landscape. These illustrators are a few examples of talented illustrators making their mark on the art scene. Through their unique styles and out-of-the-box narratives, these emerging artists are pushing the boundaries of illustration and captivating audiences both in India and beyond. Follow them on Instagram to explore their captivating artworks and be inspired by their creative journeys. Let's take a closer look at their unique styles and perspectives.

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Here are some artistic accounts that you must check out:

Satya Swagat Mohanty

Satya Swagat Mohanty, known as "Logokuhe" on Instagram, is a versatile illustrator hailing from Odisha. His artwork often features intricate details and a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. Satya's illustrations are known for their strong storytelling quality, capturing the essence of Indian culture and mythology. With a focus on colors and textures, his art transports viewers into a realm where innocence and nostalgia intertwine.

Param Sahib

Param is a fashion designer cum illustrator. If one thing you will notice about Param’s Instagram is that he loves colors, bright ones especially. Many of his artworks portray a gay sikh man and his desires. It is rare to see artwork showcasing Sikh men in gay embraces or desires.


Nikita, an artist who goes by the name "Cuppa Doodle" on Instagram, creates whimsical and enchanting illustrations. The Uttarakhand-based artist is an NIFT Delhi alumna and is known for her monochromatic artworks that depict a world full of joy and wonder. Nikita's characters often carry a sense of innocence and playfulness, evoking a nostalgic charm. Her illustrations draw inspiration from day-to-day interactions, which adds charisma to her artwork.

The Effeminare

The Effiminare is the art page of Anwesh Sahoo, who was Mr Gay World India 2016. Although Anwesh graduated with an Engineering Degree, his creative mind had him pursue a Master in NIFT. This multi-talented person is an illustrator/graphic artist as well, and The Effeminare is where he shares his artwork. His page features the commissioned work he takes to design wedding cards/invites, as well as his work depicting queerness.

Vivek Shakya

Vivek Shakya is a talented illustrator based in Noida who specializes in creating satirical and thought-provoking artwork. His illustrations are characterized by bold lines, exaggerated expressions, and a unique blend of humor and social commentary. His clever use of vibrant colors adds depth and liveliness to his illustrations, making them a visual treat. Vivek's art often highlights a lighter side of life, combined with a touch of wit and sarcasm, encouraging viewers to reflect on the world around them.

Shubham Dixit

Shubham Dixit, better known as "Cartoonist Dixit" on Instagram, is a skilled illustrator in Noida. His artwork possesses a distinctive and captivating style that resonates with viewers. His illustrations are characterized by a perfect blend of playfulness, vibrant colors, and strong storytelling elements. Dixit's art often incorporates a sense of whimsy and humor, making his work highly engaging and relatable. One of his notable characters, 'Chimu,' captures the essence of Shubham Dixit’s artistic style. His portrayal of Chimu is infused with childlike wonder and mischief. The character's joyful demeanour and mischievous adventures resonate with people of all ages, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reminding us of the simple joys of life. Chimu serves as a vessel for storytelling, enabling Shubham to explore various themes and emotions while maintaining a lighthearted and relatable atmosphere.

7. Ishita Sabharwal

Ishita Sabharwal is a talented illustrator hailing from Delhi, whose artwork revolves around incidents from the daily life of an Indian teenager. The relatable storylines often feature current affairs, which help her artwork resonate with a large audience base. Her use of bright colours and clear, concise sketches add liveliness to her work.

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