Friday Streaming - 'Disabled people also have sexual needs' is the core message of Come As You Are on Netflix

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Come As You Are

A remake of the 2011 Belgian film 'Hasta La Vista', Come As You Are insists you leave your pity where it belongs before watching it!

Directed and edited by Richard Wong, and inspired by the life of Asta Philpot, Come As You Are is largely focused on the narratives of disabled people instead of telling this story with a lens of guilt and pity and that's what makes this seriocomedy so beautiful and easy to watch!

Cast - Grant Rosenmeyer as Scotty, Hayden Szeto as Matt, and Ravi Patel as Mo have done a fantastic job in this film. Their natural rapport in Come As You Are makes it such a breezy watch. Scenes between Ravi Patel (Mo) and Gabourey Sidibe (Sam) are so cute that it leaves you rooting for the two of them!

Storyline - Scotty is paraplegic-from-birth and his condition makes him fully dependent on his mother, including her giving him baths even when he's spotting a full-fledged boner. Sexually frustrated and terribly horny, Scotty finds out about a brothel in Montreal, Canada that caters to disabled people. In an attempt to make this trip affordable, Scotty reaches out to fellow disabled humans, Matt and Mo, whom he knows via a physical therapy center. Our three protagonists aren't exactly the best of friends but a common purpose brings them together - losing their virginity! Keeping their families in the blind, they hire a minibus and a driver/ jaded nurse with a no-nonsense attitude who drives them to Montreal!

Watch the trail here!

What I liked - This film is honest, raw, and portrays the narrative of the disabled community without unnecessary cheap sentimentality. There are oodles of vulnerability, compassion, and empathy instead, so there's no space for pity, which makes it very different from most films that talk about this community. It feels like our three protagonists are taking charge of their own needs and there's tons of inside humor between them that even Sam, the nurse is an outsider to. Scenes, where the three of them reach their destination, are handled with a soft touch which shows you how important and difficult this was for Scotty, Matt, and Mo. Nothing in this film feels forced!

What I didn't quite like - Come As You May skipped on the opportunity to be inclusive by casting abled actors to play the role of our disabled protagonists.

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