These 15-sec podcast videos shared by the comedian Christophe Jean on his Instagram are hilarious and much needed right now.

Comedians always manage to get the attention of the audience with their witty and relatable sets. Everyone loves a good stand-up show that can help them take a break from their daily stress and allow them to let go and laugh for half an hour. It’s an art that people around the world enjoy and appreciate. And it’s always fun to watch a comedian come up with interesting ways to engage with their audience and watch them giggle and laugh. Christophe Jean and his 15-podcasts are just this and so much more.

Just like stand-up, podcasts are also gaining immense popularity, with different speakers talking about various topics and the audience spending time listening to them. Christophe’s unique format of sharing 15-podcast videos along with his fellow comedians is something that we all need while we scroll through Instagram Reels. His videos are funny in the silliest way and that’s what makes them worth watching. We listed out his 15-sec podcast series below for you to watch and enjoy.

Check ’em out:

Hope you had a wonderful laugh with these videos!

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