Rohan Joshi receives hate messages post his alleged tweets against the prominent political leaders goes viral; deactivates his Twitter account.

Agrima Joshua received backlash after an old video from one of her gigs went viral. She became victim to online hate and rape threats that were horrifying. It is no surprise that the whole Indian comedy circuit came forward in solidarity with comedian Agrima Joshua and spoke up against the disgusting threats while demanding for actions to be taken. The support was extended by Sahil Shah, Gaurav Kapoor, Vir Das, Azeem Banatwalla, Rohan Joshi and others. She also issued an apology to the public and deleted her video of the gig.

Rohan, known to be vocal across his social media platforms and often takes a firm stand against things that don’t align with his democratic beliefs. From women’s safety to environmental concerns, Joshi in his own funny and sarcastic ways is seen raising his voice against issues.

After actively sharing his views on how easy it has become for anyone and everyone to send rape or death threats to people, he too received nasty comments, messages and backlash. In light of recent events, a few screenshots from his Twitter account went viral. He spoke critically of the government and political leaders and used crass language as well. This enraged the public and his old tweets started circulating like fire.

Amidst the situation, Rohan decided it was best to deactivate his Twitter account and take a break from social media since they have become a spiral of abuses and threats for him.

rohan joshi

The situation is tensed and with each day passing by, cyberbullying and threats are increasing with no actions being taken against these heinous bullies, thus giving other people of the same mentality more courage to spam other personalities with disgust, death threats and atrocious comments and messages.


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