10 looks from these Gen Z creators scream comfort and vogue all at once

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These Gen Z creators ate their comfort and fashionable outfits and left no crumbs.

'Tis the era to choose comfort and be fashionably vogue. Every generation has its own thing that goes on to be the reason for someone to recognize the period. Fashion plays a significant part in becoming the face of a generation, making a comeback depending on how chic and stylish they find them. This is a time when Gen Z dominates the world. Also known as 'zoomers,' they've managed to perfect their own style that's hard for any millennial or boomer to miss. No matter how bad the crowd is, one can always point out a Gen Z, credit to the way they dress up. If one has to describe what their style looks like, comfort is the one adjective that defines it.

The largest population as of 2020, this generation is considered to be more digitally active, well-informed about various social issues, and also prioritizes mental health. They have rewritten a bunch of trends that were followed by the previous generations, canceling many and creating some of their own. Fashion has been the most impacted by Gen Z. Every person who hated 'skinny jeans' can vouch for that. Fashion today is all about getting comfortable and wearing everything oversized. From baguette bags, scarf tops, chunky layering necklaces, oversized sweatshirts, biker shorts, and platform white sneakers, there are a lot of Gen Z creators who are giving us major goals on what our everyday OOTD should be like this season.

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Check them out!

Shaina Tanna

Viraj Desai

Tarini Shah

Agasthya Shah


Kareema Barry

Gauri Shetty

Alina Hasan Rizvi


Hope these creators help you get the look that makes your friends go sheesh!

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