Corsets have made their way into trends and it's time for you to try them on

Piyush Singh
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Corsets have made their way into trends and it's time for you to try them on

Corsets are a fashion statement today and here are some of the best ways to style them!

Gone are the days when corsets were a physical and psychological constraint for women. A piece of clothing that was to be worn to fit into the standards of beauty and a perfect body is no longer an emblem of women’s oppression. Instead, it's being worn by people of all sexual orientations with confidence. While they, historically had a bad reputation and were considered one of the most feminine pieces of clothing, it's empowering to see them become a token of sexual and psychological freedom for women which society never stopped policing. Today, It's not just women who love experimenting with corsets but people across genders are in love with them too.

We may not love corsets for how they were used historically but we sure came a long way in terms of styling and wearing them. People like to wear them because they give them a strong and more dramatic appearance. They have made their way to our wardrobes and that has to be accredited to celebrities and creators who helped make them look fashionably wearable. If you have not tried corsets yet, they will surely make you do it. If you are feeling it and are looking for some quick, easy yet effective styling guidance, don't worry we got you! Check out how some of our creators are styling their corsets!

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Here are our favorite picks!

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