Connor Price is collaborating with international artists with his "Spin the Globe" series

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Connor Price is collaborating with international artists with his "Spin the Globe" series

Connor Price started this unique way of collaborating with artists around the world and the influence of this content is crazy.

Social media has opened big opportunities for creators around the world to come together and make content. A lot of trends started with these collaborations and one such idea came from Connor Price who gave us content around this interesting idea of collaborating with artists around the world.

Now you may say, what's so special about this? A lot of creators on Instagram collaborate with artists but Connor's way of doing it is pretty unique. He called his series "Spin the Globe" where he spins a globe and randomly points out a finger on any country. Then he searches for good underappreciated artists from the country and creates a song or rap with them.

And it not only provided us with content but also enough recognition and eyeballs on the work of the artists. He recently collaborated with an artist from the Netherlands who got some crazy attention to his work after the collaboration. Not only this but his song also made it to the top of the US hip-hop charts. Good artists need attention and so does a trend like this.

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Let's take a look at all the episodes he has released for this trend!

What do you think about this trend?

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