Content creator and actor, Harsh Rane gets candid about his short film 'Viral' on Zee5!

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Take a look at what Harsh Rane had to share about his latest Zee5 short film Viral.

Creators have been wearing their acting hats for social media. They have been entertaining us with their short storylines and giving our daily struggles recognition. It has been one of the best parts of following these creators. The fact that has made the most of the 15 seconds by sharing incredible stories and making our time spent on social media worth it. In recent times we have also seen these creators make it to bigger screens. While some made their debut on the big screen, we also saw some create their own series for digital OTT platforms. Indian creator and actor, Harsh Rane has become part of another project and becomes part of this league of creators.

Harsh is a part of the latest short film, Viral streaming on Zee5 which revolves around Shiny (Harsh Rane) a fan of Karachi-based TikToker Hammad who is an egg seller. The film talks about the relationship between an artist and a fan and the love that a fan shares for someone they love. Viral is directed by Shreyas Dasharathe and Jamshed Irani. We had the chance to have a chat with Harsh to know more about his experience of working on his project.

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Here's what Harsh had to share!

What excited you about this project?

The theme of the project that most interests me is the cordial relationship between India and Pakistan and how social media brings individuals from various countries together.

Can you share a bit on what the audience should look out for Viral before watching it?

A Pakistani man basically helps Indian teenagers grow on social media in the short film, which is all about the power of social media and how it can entirely change someone's life.

Do you find working on a short film similar or different from your content creation?

Working on a short film, in my opinion, is very different from creating content since you have to stay in character for a longer period of time in a movie because the screen time is longer.

What are your thoughts on fans and the love they have for an artist?

Everything I am today is a direct result of my fans. They are not my fans; rather, they are family members who support my work as a content creator. I can't really put my thoughts on my family into words, so to speak.

Have you ever experienced a fan like Shiny in your real life?

A few weeks ago, I encountered a stranger who, upon seeing me, began to cry. I never would have thought that someone would feel such a strong connection to me and my work. He basically shared every reel, vlog, post, story, and other content. He was the first person to get my autograph, making me feel quite important at the time.

Who is the Hammad that you are a real-life Shiny to?

My family, my social media family, and my Monk entertainment family.

What makes creating content on these apps different from any other platform?

On this short video platform, there is extremely little screen time, and you must establish a connection with your entire audience in that time.

What was it like working with Shreyas Dasharathe and Jamshed Irani?

Working with Shreyas Dasharathe and Jamshed Irani was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot from them, and it didn't feel like work at all because of how much fun the shoot was.

Has OTT platforms introducing mini-series and short films paved a new path for actors like you?

Performers, particularly up-and-coming actors, are undoubtedly on a new road. As the short film industry is expanding on this OTT platform, there are various prospects right now.

Any memorable comments that you received from people after watching Viral?

Many of my relatives and friends were impressed with my work in the popular short film; when they mentioned the comments made by my tutor, I started to cry.

Have you watched the short film yet? Do check it out if you haven't.

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