Content creators and Meta collaborate for their latest program #MadeOnReels 

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Content creators and Meta collaborate for their latest program #MadeOnReels 

Creators such as Niharika NM, Barkha Singh, RJ Karishma, Viraj Ghelani, Ruhee Dosani, and Masoom Minawala are going to be a part of the #MadeOnReels program.

Meta recently launched #MadeonReels, a program designed to take the power of Reels Ads to brands across verticals in the country. The program is aimed at enabling brands to supercharge business results through entertaining storytelling on Reels and by leveraging the power of the thriving creator ecosystem in India. At the start of the year, Meta in India decided to work with leading brands across categories to determine the impact Reels Ads could have on their marketing objectives. Campaign results from brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Meesho, Navi, Maruti Nexa, Snitch, Amazon Prime Video, and Tanishq showed that Reels Ads drove strong business outcomes across parameters such as ad-recall, message association, and conversions.

Based on the encouraging results, Meta is now launching #MadeOnReels for the wider ecosystem, inviting briefs from brands across verticals to be a part of this program. Selected brands will receive creative support, program support, and the opportunity to work with three creators each on Reels campaigns around their specific marketing objectives.  

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Said Arun Srinivas, Director and Head of Ads Business for Meta in India,The results from the brand campaigns done so far demonstrate that the powerful combination of Reels Ads and creators can supercharge growth for brands and address their key marketing objectives. Our goal at Meta is to help businesses build for the evolving consumer behavior and create a strong ecosystem for the future of digital advertising in the country. #MadeOnReels does precisely that.

Talking about lessons that brands can learn from creators while making Instagram Reels, actor-creator Barkha Singh said brands should learn how to create relatable content that people would like to connect and share, they need to find the sweet spot between relatability and communicating the brand message. Her fellow actor-creator Ayush Mehra believes that brands need to learn the art of adapting the personality of being a creator and then create content.

Describing the process of brand collaborations, Niharika NM at the event states that “While connecting with creators, Brands need to trust us, as we want the views and engagement too, and not just doing it for the sake of money. It is not just another video for us, it affects the overall engagement ratio of our account, and hence, it is equally important for us that we give our best.”

Ruhee Dosani too resonated with the same thought and is happy that brand briefs are now getting better and giving creative freedom to the creators. She also said, If you can connect with the audience without looking like a sell-out person, that helps a lot. Now brands are giving us creative freedom and letting us do our magic while integrating the brand. It is getting better. Now we can put our organic content and integrate the brand into it, and it works pretty nicely.

Discussing how to make content for brands, content creator Viraj Ghelani, mentions, “I try to be as authentic as possible while creating content for the brand, and I do a check, if there would have been no brand involved, will go ahead and post this piece of content, and if the answer is Yes, I am on board with creating the branded content that way!”. Like Niharika, he too requested brands to let creators be themselves since they know their audience.  #MadeOnReels program is now inviting briefs from brands across verticals. Selected brands will get creative support, program support, and access to three creators, each of whose costs will be managed by Meta.

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