Here are a few content creators and bloggers who kept us engaged over the weekend. Check them out!

Yet another weekend went past and we are out of ideas about what to do for the next. With each day being almost as chill as a weekend, everyone is trying to cook, make vlogs, spend time with their family, learn new things and do a lot more. It’s totally acceptable if some of you just chose to chill around because of the hectic work schedules. Some of our favourite Instagram creators had amazing weekend plans too and also lightened us up with their posts. Let’s see what these creators and influencers shared over the weekend to keep their fans entertained.

Here it goes:


Komal Pandey
You’ve always wanted to stand out in the crowd, didn’t you? These fashion trends planned over the weekend will definitely help you.

Kritika Khurana
That boho girl played “Dress Up” over the weekend and we love it.


Danish Sait
How else do you stay connected to your friends now? It’s just a call away. This call is so real, it might remind you of one of your friends.

Mallika Dua
Oh! How much did we miss Shalishka! Yay, she’s back.

Shenaz Treasury
Well, let’s know what people do in quarantine every day. Haha, that’s quite relatable.

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I will make another video with your comments! On a serious note: isolation is a challenge!The most important thing is to be kind and support each other through this. We all have our own ways of handling social distancing and at this moment- there is no right or wrong – except maybe the h*** guy sliding into your DM. But even he is going through this. We are all in this together!!! We will survive ❤️ and it will be a story to tell the future generations!!! What an interesting time to live in. #stayhome #staysafe #savelives #GoPro #GoProIndia #goproin #socialisolation #socialdistancing2020 #physicaldistance #socialdistancing #togetherapart #emotionalproblems #bekind #spreadhope #travelwithshenaz #coronavirus #covid19

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Cooking for fun

Kenny Sebastian
Come on, we have all tried cooking and we have just felt like Kenny each time we did.

Sumukhi Suresh
Actually this makes more sense. It’s not Masterchef during Quarantine, it’s “masterscam”!

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why did I even bother….

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Family Time

Ankita Rai Tiwari
It’s so cute watching Ankita and her little munchkin play ball on a sunny Sunday.

Ankush Bahuguna
You can relate to Ankush’s reaction to his mom on a whole new level.

Learning something new

Our well-known travel blogger tried something new over the weekend. So motivating!

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“I used to learn belly dancing and got back to it now during COVID lockdown. And I really want to post a video on my Instagram. One part of me loves that I’m learning something new and enjoying it so much. Another part looks at a video I’ve shot of myself and sees things probably visible only to my overtly self-critical eye. My belly wobbles with every sharp movement and love handles are causing a muffin top that I can’t hide, because well, it’s belly dancing. My entire midriff is bare.” . That’s the first paragraph of the piece I published on Medium. I also said I would dance like there was no tomorrow regardless, and that’s a promise I’m going to keep. So here goes nothing ? . Still nervous af about posting this, though!! ? This one is a short clip from a practice session. Maybe soon, I’ll actually get myself to prepare a shortish choreo and post it here. What say? Edit: HI! If you’re reading this and you’re going to leave a comment asking me to SMILE, please DO NOT. I will not. A, it’s part of the dance. B, a dance form this intense requires levels of focus, control and concentration you can’t imagine unless you do it. C, the smile isn’t as important as everything else. Besides, if you want to see me smile, go check out my other posts ? I’m grinning tons there. Leave this one sacred please.

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Pass the what?! Challenge

Masoom Minnawala
Well, this is something beyond your imagination. Pass the Brush? No, Pass that Dhokla!

Mixture of laughter, motivation, admiration and surprise, right?