Lockdown has given us an opportunity to give ourselves a new look. Here are some of your favourite creators experimenting and making the most of it.

While we are under lockdown at home, we have already given up on how bushy and unruly our brows and beards are growing. Everyone’s secretly hoping barbers and salons fell under essential commodities and services. Some of us have even turned into self-taught barbers and beauticians while others are relying solely on YouTube videos for the same. Who knows if it will turn into a disaster or a look you’d like to keep forever?! It’s not just us but also our favorite content creators who are experimenting with their quarantine looks.

Check out the quarantine looks of famous influencers that can either make you laugh or go “awwwww”:

Carry Minati
All clean-shaven, he looks like the chocolate boy of your dreams.

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This is not me. This is a tik tok star named Sanju.

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Bhuvan Bam
Braid your own hair and ask the mirror who did it better, you or Bam?

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Tag your buddies and say nothing. ???

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Sejal Kumar
Which girl didn’t think about getting bangs? How about DIY?

Mithila Palkar
Well just sweat it out this summer!

Neeti Palta
Only people with short hair will relate to this look.

Kanan Gill
Missing the Masterji in your college? We have Kanan Gill to replace him. Take a look at this video to see his cute quirky moustache.

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Gm ?

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Dhruv Sehgal
We’d want a boy like Dhruv even with his beard on because it’s the little things in life we are looking for.

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 Prajakta Koli
How do you keep yourself mostlysane when everyone else is going insane at home? Well, keep switching characters.

Rahul Subramanian
Do you think you’ve seen the best “twinning” picture? Wait, until you get a look at this.

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Larissa D’sa
Larissa tells us how you should take care of yourself by singing this beautiful Champi song. Oily is not bad but beautiful indoors.

I hope these pictures and videos helped you ditch the “beauty standards” struggle. Choose your own way to groom yourself this quarantine season!