Who hasn’t heard of the #KekeChallenge, #CinnamonChallenge, #TidePod Challenge and what not! Social Media is always buzzing with new hashtags and people seem to be going gaga over it. If it is fun and light-hearted like #WhatTheFluff Challenge, it should be taken positively. But the minute these challenges become hazardous, you should step away. Being healthy is way more important than being cool!

Social media enthusiasts, especially teenagers seem to have completely forgotten the line between fun and fatal! The question arises –is our youth so vulnerable towards being cool and socially accepted that they don’t think twice before doing something so hazardous? Who in their right mind would voluntarily eat detergent? Where are we headed as a community?

Here’s a list of recent viral challenges that were too absurd to be true:

1. Tide Pod Challenge

What started as light-hearted memes soon turned into a dangerous act where people started ingesting detergent in form of capsules or cooked it and ate it! I don’t even need to state how hazardous it is for your body or how stupid this challenge is!

2. Keke Challenge

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The latest track from Drake’s album, Scorpion saw Shiggy dancing to it on the streets. Soon the challenge went viral and saw people stepping out of MOVING CARS and dancing to it! To top it off, celebrities were seen promoting it too!

3. Zoom Challenge

This latest trend has people grooving to a hip-hop song while being seated and then suddenly being violently pulled out of the screen with their legs being pulled! Children are getting serious injuries due to being pulled the wrong way and hitting the ground hard!

4. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

One of the stupidest things you’ll encounter is this challenge. In this, teens place their lips into a shot glass or plastic bottle and suck so as to create a vacuum, making their lips plump to resemble that of Kylie Jenner. Seemingly harmless, but this can cause breaking of blood vessels, lacerations, nd cutting of the skin that may require stitches!

5. Salt and Ice Challenge

Why on God’s green earth would you give yourself second and third degree burns by rubbing salt and ice on your skin? How does inflicting deliberate pain on your body make you cooler? I will never wrap my head around this.

6. Cinnamon Challenge

It involves wallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds, without drinking anything. Cinnamon is known to cause gagging, vomiting and choking. Why cook when you can eat it raw and kill yourself right?

7. Ghost Pepper Challenge

It started after a video of two teens eating a Carolina Reaper (which is the world’s hottest pepper) and their reactions went viral. People, as usual, started imitating them they thought it was cool! Old habits die hard, I guess.

8. Snorting Condom Challenge

Yes, you read it right! Teenagers are placing unwrapped condoms up their nostrils and inhaling them until the condom comes out their mouth. Anyone would know how dangerous it is as it can cause allergies, infections and choking. Let’s leave condoms to where they should be people, sound good?

9. Eraser Challenge

Like the Salt and Ice Challenge, in this trend people rub their skin hard with erasers while reciting the alphabet or other phrases to see how long they can endure the pain. This cause burns and skin abrasions that can turn into infections.

10. Deodorant Challenge

The “Deodorant Challenge” involves someone holding a can of aerosol deodorant close to the skin and spraying for as long as possible. This can cause second and third degree burns. But hey, who cares until it makes you look cool (read: stupid) right?

The fact that people follow these trends like crazy is more concerning than the fact that these actually come up! I feel like shaking the teens by their collars and knock some sense into them! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?

Maybe we should come up with a #TakeCareOfYourself Challenge and make it viral. There’s a chance people might actually start doing it.