Everyone deserves the warmth of doggo love on a regular basis, but there is something super special about cop dogs. Here’s a bunch of real-life Scooby-Doos to brighten up your day!

Simply said, some dogs have jobs, ones that come with a tonne of responsibility. They train hard, eat healthily, get a lot of belly rubs and make gun-wielding friends, all the while strengthening their powers to sniff out the baddies like a boss. The most adorable part of any police or security force, cop dogs make the world a better place, one bark at a time.

Working weekends? Woof! Woof!

Poise and diligence — max!

Fun is forever a priority!

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“You can trust me!”

Get us an application to THAT dog squad ASAP!

Because Professor Moody said, “Constant Vigilance!!”

Everybody needs a work buddy!

“I am a small mighty doggo!”

Being a cop dog is serious work!

All clear! You can start boarding now