If you’re looking for new artists to listen to, check out some of our favorite cover songs by Norgais on Instagram.

Over a period of time, we have come across artists with all kinds of talent that left us feeling euphoric. With short-video platforms, coming across varied singers has become so much easier. Every day we come across new gems who perform their own rendition of some of the most iconic Bollywood songs and one such artist that was introduced by the internet to every music lover is Stanzin Norgais. And now he has become one of our favorites with his cover songs on IG Reels.

Sometimes we find ourselves loving new covers more than the original to the point that they become the background of our next Reel. Stanzin Norgais is a well-known folk artiste who hails from Sakti village in the Leh district of Ladakh. He was passionate about music since his childhood and he went on to win many competitions at various levels in his life. Norgais became viral with his rendition of ‘Sandese Aate Hain,’ and rightfully so. The song that is already an Indian favorite sounded even more mellifluous and soulful in his rendition. People shared his Reel and appreciated the singer but after that, he has become an internet favorite because of his unique taste and style. He released ‘Himalayan Melody’ along with other Ladakhi artists on YouTube which soon became an instant hit among netizens. Stanzin has since been sharing songs on Youtube and Instagram alike. And we made a list of some of our favorites that you might also enjoy.

Check them out!

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