Has Amazon Prime Video's Crash Course passed or failed according to the Janta? Let's find out!

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Crash Course

Crash Course starring Annu Kapoor released on Amazon Prime Video on August 5, and here are all the reactions from the Janta!

Crash Course is yet another story that tries to highlight the strenuous routines and the rat race that engineering students have to go through. The series is directed by Vijay Maurya and produced by Manish Hariprasad. Set in Kota, which is a city buzzing with lots of engineering students who are prepping for their IIT JEE exams. There's AK sir (Pranay Pachauri) who tries his best to make learning fun for students in the best way possible. But the drama begins when he decides to tutor a girl from a rival coaching institute at his house.

Annu Kapoor helms the show with his portrayal of Ratanraj Jindal, who is the owner of a growing franchise of coaching institutes. He dreams of having coaching institutes all over Kota one day, or probably even the whole country. This makes him someone who obsessively pressures his students to rank in the Top 10 rather than a good educationalist. He tries every trick in his book, from poaching students from other institutes to giving his students banned medicines to perform better. We also see Bhanu Uday, Udit Arora, Anushka Kaushik, Aryan Singh, Anvesha Vij and several other new faces who play students in this ensemble cast.

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There have been numerous comparisons of the show with TVF's Kota Factory which runs on similar lines. Here's everything that the Janta had to say about it!

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