Kota Factory season 2 focuses on its biggest strength, Jeetu Bhaiya

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Kota Factory season 2

Kota Factory season 2 continues the relatable yet disheartening tale of the struggles of IIT Aspirants but includes mental health and politics of the coaching industry in the mix this time.

Many times and many folds 'the great Indian rat race' of the students of India has been glorified onscreen. Now, these definitely showcase the struggles of the students but what was really so new in TVF's Kota Factory in 2019? Reliability, reality, and young actors playing the role of students. The theme of black and white factory kind of setup continues in Kota Factory season 2 as well. But what has leveled up from before is while the students are struggling with studies, we get to see them struggling with mental health as well as the politics of the coaching centers that have turned into industries only focusing on who wins the race.

Since the first season became immensely popular, the next season's eagerness was inevitable. And when Netflix announced that Kota Factory season 2 will be coming on the platform the excitement could not be held back. The series starts with a scene of chimneys producing smoke and even ends on the same showcasing that everything that happens, happens inside a factory while the factory keeps on churning. Kota in Kota Factory has always been a character in itself used not as a city but rather as a metaphor for a factory. In this factory, IIT aspirants are literal machines that have no time to even take a break even if they are ill.

We enter into this five-episode ride with a little color at first as Vaibhav has joined Maheshwari Classes, the same institution that refused him a seat last season. And while the coaching institute looks like quite the posh premium hotel, it soon starts to feel like the same prison, so we're back to the black and white life. Keshav Maheshwari, the head gives a more realistic yet scary speech reminding students that the ITT entrance exam has a 0.44 percent success rate. "That it isn’t merely an exam, it’s a better life, and that there are only successful men in this world. The unsuccessful are not men." Maheshwari coaching institute shows quite a scary fascist factory-like setup with hundreds of students sitting in a classroom like robots turning the pages of their notebooks rhythmically. The students who are lost and confused and can't cope up ask the question "Why ITT?". Then comes our one and only Physics teacher, Jeetu Bhaiya who is so much more than a teacher because "baaki log padhate hain, yeh feel kara dete hain".


In this black and white world of the ITT aspirants factory where coming second doesn't matter, there's something that brings it alive. We think it's deep bonds of friendship, mental health problems, life and career to slice-of-life humor, raging hormones, budding romance, and of course forever motivational gyaan by Jeetu Bhaiya. And this time our life mentor Jeetu Bhaiya is struggling with his own battles since he has opened his own institute. We're getting to witness the politics and the industrial side of coaching centers that are only in the race for winning.

The five episodes are named exactly like a factory setup, the cinematography includes drone shots and the direction is commendable. The way these young artists get into the skin of their characters helps uplifts the writing of the show even further. To every problem, from studies to life there is just one solution in this season of Kota Factory and that is Jeetu Bhaiya and his coming in to rescue each time in quite a predictable manner could have turned him into being quite the unnecessary hero. But it's Jitendra Kumar's acting and Jeetu's way of explaining his motivational gyaan (like Hindi ka 'Awesome') that doesn't let him turn him into one. Even the girls of the shows get a larger and deeper arc this time and some very basic realities of life are flashed before your eyes. There is always a tragedy hidden in every triumph, that is the theme of this series and the season comes through with it. There were some minor points that could've been explored with more depth. But overall in this second installment of Kota Factory, Jeetu Bhiaya shines throughout the show.

But that's enough from us, let's see what the janta is saying about the much-awaited season of Kota Factory.

Kota Factory Seasons 1 &2 are currently streaming on Netflix. Do tell us how you feel about the show in the comments below!

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