People talk about living in the moment but what we do is observe in the moment,” says Funcho about their Reels ideas doing well and attracting millions of views.

Reels are the new way of keeping ourselves entertained and the fact that our digital creators can find a way to share their crazy, hilarious and extraordinary ideas into a 15-sec video only makes it more interesting. Since its introduction, Reels have been very popular among the digital audience and creators realise this potential. Apart from creating their usual long format videos, creators have been making reels resulting in new viral videos. The immense popularity of Instagram’s short-video feature has encouraged creators to share their videos versions of a popular trend or even create a new one. Dhruv & Shyam aka Funcho have been among these Indian creators who have been able to adapt and absorb this new craze.

The duo has created their own name in the content creator community with their wacky and hilarious videos. They have been putting out their short-video content and adding their own spice to the popular trends and content for their audience to scroll through. Over recent times, their videos have been doing quite well and reaching millions of views.

Talking about the thought behind some of their viral Reels and the thing that made them work and result in millions of views, team Funcho said, “Our thought process has been pretty simple. We try to keep our content as relatable as it can be. People talk about living in the moment but what we do is observe at the moment. Keeping an eye around us, looking at people, their behavioural patterns, their way of speaking, everything and then adding a fun element to it.

This time we brought two different worlds together Bollywood and Cricket! Imagining Bollywood celebrities playing Gully Cricket as we do was a hilarious scenario and people loved it. We thought about every Actor’s signature step or dialogue and then blended it with our Gully Cricket and it turned out to be hilarious. Both the parts got a crazy amount of traction. In fact, the 2nd part has crossed 44m views. Our other Reel which was a fictional hack for how to travel by train without a ticket also crossed 20m views.”

We were travelling by train where we saw a hawker selling earphones and then we saw a TC who didn’t ask the hawker for his ticket as it was obvious that being an everyday hawker he would have a monthly ticket pass with him. And that’s when this idea struck our mind where we thought of this hack.
So, basically, things around us are where most of the content comes from.”

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