On today’s Friday Follow, check out how the comedic duo Shubham and Dhruv found a common calling and created Funyaasi.

If asked when we’re our most fun and enthusiastic selves, we know it’s when we’re with friends. Friends really are the family that we choose who share the same interests and love for things. They are the ones we can goof around with all while making each other better. Even the most mundane thing become exciting when we do it with them. And to think that you can share a career with your best friend, creating and making others laugh easily qualifies as every person’s dream job. Creators Shubham Singh and Dhruv Bisht are living this dream as they continue to entertain people online with Funyaasi.

“Two best friends in a room..they might create content? Yes, we will.” As per the two, that pretty much sums up what this collaboration means. Shubham and Dhruv come from Amritsar and Gurgaon, respectively with a common background in Engineering. They believe that “Engineering probably brings out the best comedian in you.” And maybe they’re right, considering the number of creators we love watching who have spent their share of engineering life. The duo, now recognized online as Funyaasi, has experience working in digital marketing and social media management for brands from various sectors in the market. But the reason they decided on this path of content creation was their shared passion for art.

“We met during our first college fest and teamed up for an inter-college Bollywood movie spoof-making contest that got us the 2nd prize (Thank you, K3G!). We’d bunk a class to script out ideas. A few more, to shoot the video. We even missed an internal exam (sorry, mom!), because we hadn’t finished editing it and couldn’t miss out on submitting our entry. That whole process made us realize how much we enjoyed creating something of our own.” The two found their common drive to create and share stories with the world. This led to them creating short relatable videos and sharing them on various social media platforms. Despite going their separate ways after college, their common passion for comedy and content brought them together. They eventually decided to become full-time content creators and created ‘Funyaasi‘. “Funyaasi is a combination of 2 words, ‘Fun + Sanyaasi’, which basically means that we’ve taken a ‘Sanyaas’ from doing anything but what we truly love and have ‘Fun’ while doing it. Anyone could be a Funyaasi. You just have to love what you’re doing.”

Apart from their common love for content creation, they appreciate each other’s traits and how that makes this pair work. They understand how well the other person’s quality works for their teamwork and accordingly try to incorporate the same into their sketches.

We are both dreamers and believers. And honestly, that’s what makes it work for us. We have a ‘never up attitude’ and a positive approach towards life. No matter what the situation, we make things work. Besides this, we share many common instances of fun and embarrassment that we make our viewers watch through our content.”

The fact that they get to bring their ideas to life is the one thing that the two of them enjoy about creating content. They appreciate this world where they have the chance to tell stories that they love and be satisfied while doing it. “All the appreciation and love that we receive from our viewers, from our #FunyaasiFam. This interview with Social Ketchup, as matter of fact. This is the best part.

But they don’t ignore the cons of being online. Experiencing a creative block while trying to be consistent with quality content is one obstacle they have to deal with like all the other creators. They also don’t shy away from admitting that the numbers on their videos have an effect on them at times. “There could be a video that receives 5M+ views and another that may not perform as well. And that creates a sort of dissatisfaction. But at the end of the day, we’re extremely grateful for what we do, and that’s all that matters. Count your blessings, kids!

While talking about a DM from their followers that stayed with them, Funyaasi said, “Any time we receive a DM or see a comment from people who may have had a tough day and smiled or laughed because they watched our video, that makes it all worth it. Recently we received a DM from someone whose 9 years old kid doesn’t go a day without watching our videos. That made us feel very special. The love and support we receive from our #FunyaasiFam and the fact that our content can make people, from various age groups, smile, means a lot to us.”

The last two years have been a learning experience for these creators. Introduction to short video formats like Reels and shorts not only helped their content have a wider reach with the audience but also their content. They have found a balance in their content and understood what their viewers like to watch. After a lot of trial and error and experimentation, they also have a better knowledge of creating content.

For any individual to tell a story and share engaging content online, one needs some kind of inspiration and Funyaasi seem to find it easily. Every small experience in their lives has inspired them to create content. “That’s also what we primarily focus on – creating relatable videos that show instances we all go through on a day-to-day basis. From our families, friends, and relatives to schools, colleges and what not! Life is full of funny experiences after all!”

We asked them a bunch of questions and here’s what they had to share!

Motivation to create more fun, engaging content:

“That our job involves making people smile while doing what we love and the fact that we get to push our creative boundaries and bring our ideas to life.

Other friends creator group wish to collaborate with:

We would love to collaborate with the ‘Ourange Jyuce Gang’ and Funcho. We love watching their content and just like us, they’re a group of friends following dreams and making them big while spreading smiles.

Hopes for 2022:

Our goal is to stay consistent with quality content grow our #FunyaasiFam. We hope to reach the 1 Million mark on Instagram and YouTube by the end of 2022. As far as what the audience can expect from us, we can promise that Funyaasi in 2022 will be full of surprises!

If you’re looking for more laughs in life then don’t forget to check out what Funyaasi has in store!

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