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For today's Friday Follow we spoke to travel influencer couple, Prachi and Harsh who are taking us on their journey of love and travel with Instagram as TwoTicketsToFreedom.

Straight out of a romantic Bollywood movie, Prachi and Harsh aka TwoTicketsToFreedom on Instagram, are the travel influencer couple that makes us want a fairy tale of our own They're college best friends turned life partners who share a common love for traveling and make us a part of their adventures with their Instagram page. Prachi and Harsh met in college while studying to become pharmacists. They started dating in 2016 and fell in love pretty soon. After Harsh graduated, he figured Pharmacy wasn’t his calling so he started his own Digital Marketing agency. But their transition into content creation happened after Prachi joined Harsh at his agency as a Social Media Specialist.

“We're each other's best friends. I know that’s a cliche. But it’s true! We have this special bond and our love and constant desire to support each other at every step in life have helped us grow. Both, in life and in our content creation journey.” Along their way, the couple discovered and recognized their love for everything about the digital-media world and have been making a point to share this passion and knowledge with anyone interested to learn. The two decided to host workshops and teach their audience about this crazy content creation world to help them follow their passion.

Their journey as content creators began back in January of 2021 when they returned from their first international trip to Dubai. It was during their quarantine period on their return that they discussed sharing their love for travel with the world. “There and then we decided on our name “TwoTicketsToFreedom”, took the Insta handle and the domain name, and created our first piece of content!”

The couple started their page last year and saw their community grow instantly. Prachi is still in disbelieve that they were able to create their own audience on the platform with people enjoying the kind of content that they have to share. She said, "It hasn’t even been a full year since then and we’ve grown our community to over 180k individuals! How crazy is that! We're even more powered up in 2022 to travel and create! It’s gonna be amazing.

Prachi used the word “Serendipity” when asked to describe their content creation journey. The couple is still figuring out and processing the unconditional love that they're receiving online. The fact that they were able to go viral within 40 days of creating their IG account has left the couple with the need to create and produce better content for the audiences. According to Prachi, the mutual love and respect that shines through their content are one of the factors that make them hold a special spot in their community’s heart. Even as this community continues to grow, the two make it a point to go through every DM and find 99% of them to be sweet and supportive. They find this response to be the sole factor inspiring and educating them to keep creating. 

In this short period, they have also realized the positive and negative sides of being in the digital space. Prachi and Harsh are able to share their passion for travel and the things they love and believe in with the world and they find this to be a big plus point of being a part of the creator community. "Social media has made it so damn easy to connect and build communities. We love talking to our audience, getting to know them, who they are, what they like… so we can better optimize our content to suit their wants and needs." 

While spending time creating content and being consumed with the whole process of it happens to be the negative part for Prachi in this journey. "It takes a very patient Harsh to remind me to stop staring at my phone when we go to sleep!" They also find their inspiration from their fellow creators. Creators Kara and Nate happen to be a couple who inspires them and Harsh and Prachi would love to collaborate with these two in the future. Talking about the same Prachi said, "One of the first people to inspire and motivate us were Kara and Nate. They're an American couple who’ve been vlogging their insane journey of visiting 100 countries on YouTube. We love their style and storytelling abilities and we hope that one day we can be as awesome as they are. We would love to collaborate with them and any other creator, actually, who shares an equal amount of passion for exploration!"

TwoTicketsToFreedom will be completing one year in this journey this month and are super-powered to travel and create in 2022! Prachi says, "It feels surreal. We are super grateful to everyone who has supported us on this journey. We have some big plans for our community. We are hosting a group trip with our followers to Italy and Turkey and we’re super pumped for it. We also hope to take more workshops and work one-on-one with people from our audience who would love to make content creation their career. We’ve figured it out and would love to help others do the same. We also have some big travel plans for 2022 with International travel opening up, we’re are just so excited."

If you still haven't watched this amazing couple taking us through the world, then check out their Instagram right now!

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