Indian vlogger MSK braces his safarnama and hardships with open arms

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Indian vlogger MSK

Trying to bring his dreams to live to dealing with the pandemic as a travel vlogger, check out what Indian vlogger MSK has to share.

The more we are cooped up in our houses, we have become more inclined to travel and explore the unexplored places in the world. While it may have been a prospering year for content creators, with new talent getting traction for their creations our travel vloggers were the ones who suffered a lot. Many had to postpone while some had to cancel their plans. Despite it being a dry year for travelers, our creators made sure to keep their audience entertained no matter what. Among these creators who made sure that their audience was getting their everyday dose of entertainment is Indian Moto Vlogger, MSK aka Mohammad Salim Khan.

MSK is one of the fastest-growing moto vloggers and travel YouTubers who has been able to create his own niche in the YouTube and digital entertainment community. Salim always found himself looking for ways to entertain people. He spent his childhood making sure to give his parents all that they wished for. From completing his schooling with good grades to starting his own business, Salim has been taking care of his family in every way he could.

He believes that his life could be divided into different phases - study and sports, getting a job and buying a house for his family, following his passion for entertaining people, and getting into content creation. Salim was a cricketer who never got a chance to make a career out of it after he suffered from a back injury. But sports was not the only passion that he had. Bollywood was quite close to his heart. So he joined an acting school in Andheri and attended various auditions. There he realized his love to produce content that led to him starting his own production house. The production house produced and created its debut film that went on to do well at various film festivals.

When his dream to continue with the production house did not pan out, he discovered the world of content creation. Apart from sports and acting, one thing that always excited MSK was traveling. And with YouTube, he decided to put all the equipment that he owned to use and started his own channel, MSK Vlogs. With his hard work and creativity, Salim's vlogs cover the length and breadth of the world. His videos attract millions of views and they're not just because of how exceptional and creative they are. One USP that makes it happen is his personal take as he drives or rides through a destination. Salim tries to weave creativity and perfection in his content. Indeed, he can't help but make that garner millions of viewers worldwide.

The channel has been embraced by its audiences and has stood at 1.56 Mn subscribers strong. He was also awarded as the Vlogger of The Year 2020 by StreamConAsia. Salim says that being on the road is the only time he feels the most alive. He described it by remembering a teaching by his professor,"Beheta hua paani humesha shudt hota hai. Aur agar vo hi pani kahi ruk jaye toh ussme keede makode aa jate hai."

Even on the road, he cannot give away his love for Bollywood or films. No matter where he is Salim feels like a character from a movie and enjoys those moments. "I try to keep my posts better and if there’s a film scene that is really popular I try to replicate that." Talking about his plans for the future MSK said, "This journey with YT has been amazing, it taught me a lot. Over the years I have kept myself flexible and found ways to learn new things, the past year was all about that. I also want to take my traveling experience to the next level."

Salim has planned his new travel project called the 'Dream Trip'. “My dream trip there was a cause that I want to live my dream & my life. And whatever money that will be collected during this trip will be used for a humble cause.” But unfortunately, because of the rising cases, the trip has been postponed indefinitely.

Among all the good that has happened to him during his journey as a moto vlogger, Salim also recognizes the bad days, He says, "The best part is that we get to travel and meet a lot of people, learn a new language. So wherever I go I try to learn something new, learn the culture and listen to a lot of stories that they have to tell. I feel there are so many things to learn and explore in the world. The worst part is that sometimes you might meet people you might experience some tragedy like your camera breaks or the weather is not kind, during that time I become very moody & don’t feel like vlogging. I feel like in everyone’s life there are some sad moments. But I always feel like I should be showing all aspects of my life, transparency is what matters and what means something to the people."

If you don't follow Salim yet, then do check out his vlogs on his YouTube channel MSK Vlogs.

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