No matter if your team won or lost last night’s match, go through this creator roundup to cheer yourself up and find out what happened on social media over the weekend.

Another Monday, another reason to find solace online. Meetings, with everyday work deadlines and waiting until it’s weekend again, we know it is just another typical Monday. But one thing that entertains us in between our work is social media. And the creators online have been connecting with us over the weekend and sharing posts and content. The Indian Premier League finally began on Sunday and just like us our creators were cheering for their favorite team. And not missing the chance Saurabh Ghagde created funny content around it. While the cricket fever kept us busy, Diipa Büller-Khosla shared her post-partum body along with insightful and positive messages with the world. She also announced her new clothing brand Indie Wild. Her brand released a video that talks about loving all body types, the small insecurities that everyone feels, and how normal it is to feel that way. Some also had their own styling tips to share as others tried their hand at the latest Instagram trend. We made this creator roundup for you to be updated on what happened online over the weekend.

Check out these posts:

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