From noble ventures to new milestones, here's what happened over the weekend

Smrithi Mohan
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weekend update

Check out what our favourite digital creators were up to during the weekend.

Creators have been having an amazing time and we know that because we've been spending all our time on social media for better or worse. If there's something that happens in their lives, they always make sure to share it with their followers online. This only makes their followers feel closer to them given how easy it gets to relate to them! Many of us might've had a tough week, meeting deadlines and what not but the only place we feel free and less stressed is on the internet. Our creators have the jolliest content to share, making us laugh our guts out or wanting to try on a new style. They've been updating us with everything that happened over the weekend and we made a list of updates you've got to check out!

You don't want to miss out on these!

Don't these help you get through a crappy Monday?

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