Watch this amazing dancing sibling duo Sanatan Kumar Mahato and Savitri Kumari celebrate 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Talent, no matter where it comes from is always discovered. With social media becoming a more accessible medium, coming across new content creators has become even easier. The dancing sibling duo, Sanatan Kumar Mahato and his sister Savitri Kumari have been enthralling the internet with their amazing dancing video, they crossed 1 million subscribers on YouTube and have received their first golden button.

These two come from Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district and are creating a stir on the internet with their videos. The siblings have been posting their dancing videos on TikTok and were quite popular on the app. Soon after its ban, they began sharing their videos online on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The sibling duo has their own YouTube channel called Dancer Sanatan that crossed over 1 million subscribers. Apart from sharing their dance covers they also share their daily vlogs giving us a glimpse into their sweet village life.

Sanatan and Savitri shoot almost all of their videos outside their house while wearing traditional gamcha or a saree for most of their dance routines. Their dance videos bring out the desi in all of us and make us want to shake a leg. These videos are proof that no matter where you come from nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Check out their unboxing video here:

Didn’t their videos put a smile on your face? Congratulations you both, keep sharing your dance routines with the world!

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