Celebrating father's day, putting out daily affirmations - here's what happened over the weekend

Smrithi Mohan
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Over the weekend, our favorite content creators shared father's day posts, throwback photos, updates about their vaccination process, and blogs on the lockdown life.

Happy Monday folks! For many of us, the weekend was amazing! But for others, it passed by too quickly. Before they could enjoy it, the new week began and along with it came all the workload too. No matter how bored and rushed the whole weekend feels, we have social media giving us company through it all. Even our content creators have their share of entertainment ready to keep us happy. One thing that excited us about entering another week is that we get to do a roundup of all the amazing things that happened over the weekend and keep you guys up-to-date. This weekend too, there have been posts and videos that were shared by our digital celebrities that you cannot miss out on. From celebrating father's day with their hilarious and sweet posts to sharing the most engaging content this creator weekend update is extraordinary.

Take a look:

Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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