Our digital creators share their creativity, informative tips, funny posts and features with the audience through their weekend posts.

If your week started off with a bunch of meetings to attend, texts to reply to, and deadlines to meet, we feel you! While scrolling through social media won’t reduce your workload, it might help you take a break every now and then between work and help you with those Monday blues. Despite how hard the day may seem, it’s always nice to pause and appreciate the smaller things in life just like our creators do. Many of them have worked really hard against all the negativity and struggles in their lives to be where they are today. Some have crossed incredible milestones while some continue to make sure they entertain you and me. This past weekend, they did the same and you might want to check it out to take your mind off work. We made a list of their posts over the weekend that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Take a look at these weekend’s posts:

Doesn’t this make for a great mid-day break?

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