From creators touching milestones to talking about important things, this weekly roundup has it all

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From creators touching milestones to talking about important things, this weekly roundup has it all

Creators this week took social media platforms to share their achievements and learnings with us. Here is everything in this weekly roundup.

Our favourite Instagram influencers never fail to inspire us. Whether they do it through their content or through their opinions, we have always found their influence on us and this weekly roundup is all about that.

Aksh Baghla has collaborated with K-pop rapper, Aoora for "Tere Jaisa - The Snap Song" which will be released on YouTube in five languages - Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, and Bengali. We will also be seeing well-known content creators come together for the music video. Mansi Ugaale shared about getting a YouTube silver play button for crossing 100k subscribers on the platform. Shibani Bedi shared the poster and teaser of her upcoming film, "Ho Jaa Mukt" which is a mental health-centric project. The teaser has got us all excited for the release.

"Where each day was exhausting, confusing and overwhelming." Masoom Minawala shared her experience during her maternity leave through an Instagram post. Being a mother to a newborn is not the easiest job, she put it quite beautifully how a mother has to go through a lot during those days. Saloni Chopra took to Instagram to address how everyone needs to take a break once in a while. In her post, she talked about her film and how it affected her mental health. How it feels to not be able to tell your mind to stop thinking over work. It is easier said than done but taking breaks should also be on your list of priorities.

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Here's everything that happened this week:

Happy Weekend!

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