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A lot has happened this week and it all made us feel inspired, relaxed and hopeful. Scroll through this weekly roundup to know about every update you might have missed.

There has been a plethora of exciting things that happened over the week and we have rounded up some of these news in our weekly roundup. "If you can dream it, you can do it" is what fairytales have taught us all since childhood, but as we grow up we find it harder to believe in it. But Maleesha Kharwa, a 13-year old girl from the slums of Mumbai had no limits when it came to dreaming about her future. She has become the face of luxury beauty brand Forest Essentials' Yuvati Collection. It is not the easiest thing to break your barriers and live your dream at such a young age but the "Princess from the slums" made us want to believe in dreams. We had a lot of feel-good updates to cover in this weekly roundup. Shivesh Bhatia has found a spot in the list of Forbes 30 Under 30 ASIA list - Class of 2023. He shared his excitement and gratitude over the same through a post.

Debashree Banerjee hosted her first yoga workshop in association with The Bandstand Pantry and called this a "fulfilling experience". With sharing the glimpse from the workshop, she also announced her upcoming online sessions starting from 2nd June. This week we got to see some really cool collaborations between influencers and Bollywood celebrities. We had Shilpa Shetty collaborating with Viraj Ghelani in a Reel video which is just hilarious to watch. Vicky Kaushal too was seen collaborating with influencers like Aastha Shah and Sonal Devraj to promote his upcoming film "Zara Hatke, Zara Bachke". We could see him performing the hook steps of the recently released song "Tere Vaaste".

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