Check out how our favourite creators look back at some of their favourite childhood pictures as they celebrate Children’s Day.

We celebrated Children’s Day on Sunday and the internet made sure to bring back a lot of our memories as a child what with Facebook’s ‘7 years ago’ being shoved in our faces! From throwback pictures to stories behind them, our Instagram feeds were filled with faces that were innocent and so full of hope. Our creators joined the bandwagon too and shared some old memories that showed us what their childhood looked like. With some of the creators reminiscing the old times others gave them a creator’s twist. Shibani Bedi shared a few throwback pictures while talking about being filled with self-doubt. She wrote, “mostly because most if my conditioning and sense of self which bordered on loathing for a huge part of my life.” \Kritika Khurana shared one with her sister and fellow creator, Diksha Khurana. On the other hand, creators like Karan Sonawane took us back to the times when we had a crush on teacher.

We made a list of these post, check them out!

While some creators had their own take on the day.

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