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This list covers Indian digital creators creating amusing content in regional languages. Check it out!

We have all been on social media long enough to understand what makes us laugh and what entertains us. The digital space was able to introduce us to a whole new level of content that we never knew we needed until we saw it. People are willing to share their creative self online not only to fulfil their desire but also to give people 15-secs of joy that they deserve. Over the years, we have seen many creators being born with USPs of their own that make them stand out. And creating content in their own regional language is one of them.

There is always a sense of family and familiarity that we feel when we see content being created in our own language. Considering how many languages our country has, this list only seems to keep growing. Instagram Reels has become a hub for talented creators across the country and we're ODing on it!

Thankfully we have an array of creators who are making content in regional languages. Check them out!

Vrushali Jawale

Karan Sonawane

Nirmal Pillai

Melvin Babu

Mrunal Divekar

Arya Dhayal

Karan Sareen

Arun Pradeep

Amal Thaha

Avarachen Jr

Sidhant Sarfare

Abhishek Kumar

Johny James

Shubham Jadhav

Maya Krishnan

If you have any suggestions of creators that you follow for regional content, do let us know!

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