Check out this incredible list of Indian creators who received more love and recognition from their followers as they cross another million on Youtube this year.

YouTube has to be one of the most elite platforms of online entertainment. There’s nothing more diverse and timeless as this platform for people to spend their break time on. Over the years we have seen ourselves ending up on YouTube to watch videos that are informative to the ones that don’t actually make any sense. From watching two guys build a pool in the middle of the forest, someone smashing things to someone sharing their creative recipes, and someone transforming themselves with their makeup skills, YouTube has anything and everything. Among all these videos the ones that we all love equally are those created by our favorite creators. These creators have been sharing their vlogs or funny sketches and keeping us entertained for a couple of years now. Their efforts show fruit when people subscribe you their channel or like their video. This year too, there have been many who crossed another million on Youtube and we could not be more proud of them!

Check them out!

Karron S Dhinggra

Muskan Sharma


Anmol Sachar

Vaishnavi Naik

Ujjwal Chaurasia

Anisha Dixit

Dhruv & Shyam

Saloni Gaur

Rishi Dev

Mahesh Keshwala

Gaurav Taneja

Angry Prash

Ashish Chanchlani

Aaditya D Sawant

Congratulations to these creators! Hope you grow and continue entertaining us!

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