Here's what your favorite creators were up to this weekend

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over the weekend roundup

Check out what our favourite creators were up to over the weekend in this over the weekend roundup.

We can’t believe we're just 3 months away from 2022 while we're still recovering from 2020 and it makes us wonder how fast 2021 is going. While time is flying, it's also terribly slow at the same time given the global pandemic we're surrounded by. And social media platforms and content creators help us pass time. For a lot of us, it is the usual dogs/cats videos while for others find inspiration for a new recipe or fashion online. And we have our influencers to thank for that. They’re always creating content that's engaging and informative enough for us to kill our boredom. They are always active online, sharing content, and even on weekends, one part of our enjoyment is coming from consuming their content.

Here’s some of the stuff that they shared over the weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?

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