Fashion influencer, Prateek Chauhan and his duds are both quirky and classy for Instagram.

It’s not every day that you come across a profile on Instagram that leaves you utterly shook about how creative and imaginative one person can be. Having a unique visual representation of your art is what makes people stop and check them out. It’s not about how vast it looks, but how impactful it can be even while doing the bare minimum. Fashion influencer and creator, Prateek Chauhan is visualizing his creativity for people and sharing this online.

Pc: @lensbehindlens

Always having an interest in photography, Prateek decided to share his signature duds during the lockdown of 2020. “At the beginning of 2018, I usually just used to photograph things and people. But during the lockdown, I explored it a bit and kickstarted this journey of content creation.” Last year, creators saw themselves experiment online and engage people with things that they’re good at. Prateek decided to use his spare time and give content creation a shot. “Last year was crucial not just for me but for every creator out there as we were given the virtue of time. I left my job and I started taking content creation seriously and we are here now.”

Pc: @lensbehindlens

Even though his fashion and clothes may inspire our own style, it’s the way he puts it out that makes it so beautiful. It’s hard to not keep scrolling to the bottom of Prateek’s profile. You can’t come across his account and not wonder how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing it is. He has his own style that he shares with the world while putting a lot of effort into how they look online. He himself describes his style to be ‘Minimal, Edgy, Classic, Artistic and Creative.’

And when you scroll through his profile one might wonder what inspires him. It’s not an individual or people who inspire him but his own surroundings. “I observe things and take inspiration from them sometimes it’s coffee, clouds, or maybe a wooden chair.”

He finds himself immensely humbled by the love that he receives. It’s these compliments that fuel him to keep going and create better content every day. And as he continues to do his best, he keeps one philosophy that his dad shared with him close to his heart, which is “No matter what, just be kind.” If he continues to put out such amazing content and bring out his quirky creativity to the world, he will surely make it big.

Pc: @lensbehindlens

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