As part of today’s Friday Follow, we are featuring Indian actor/ creator Chetan Goel. Have a look at how this lockdown creator has us entertained.

Lockdown might have been a sad phase, but it had its own perks that we still continue to enjoy. Having the chance to work in the comfort of our homes was one among the many. The other good that emerged from the lockdown was the number of creators who found their voice online. Content creation saw its own boom with people trying to show off their funny, entertaining, creative and technical side to others with all the free time that they had. Among all these amazing lockdown stars is Chetan Goel. The actor/comedian found a place to connect with the people with his relatable videos.

The one philosophy that he follows in life is, ‘Live your life intensely, you are only here once.’

“Last year was the sole reason I started making content since I was home and had nothing to do. If it wasn’t for 2020 I would not be answering this question right now,” says Chetan who always wanted to be the one entertaining people. The answer to anyone asking him what he wanted to do in life was always making people laugh. Lockdown gave him the chance to explore this dream and put out content that can engage people with happy thoughts.

Even though he had made a name for himself in the digital space, Chetan is also an actor who has appeared on the big screen. He a role in two movies Paharganj (2019) and 2021’s biggest blockbuster Roohi.

Talking about where he finds his inspirations and ideas for his videos Chetan said, “The emotions and things all of us experience daily yet are not really aware of it. These things/observations inspire me and my content the most. The reason being that it’s like an adventure where I have to be very aware and keep observing me and the people around me catch on to that emotion/thought and then present it in a funny video to the world.”

He also recalled how people have been responding positively to his videos and that being one of the reasons for him to continue what he is doing. There always happens to be one comment or message that stands out and Chetan had that one too. “Once I received a DM in which a guy said how watching my videos in between calls helps him release his office stress and makes him feel happy and that really made me happy because mind you. Guys don’t compliment other Guys easily.”

It is only common for creators to be motivated by their fellow creators. Indian digital space has a ton of them and Chetan finds some of them inspiring. He finds Karan Sonawane and Saurabh Ghadge ‘THE FUNNIEST IN THE BUSINESS!’

He began making videos for fun and soon had one of his videos go viral. Not to forget, that he gave people the tagline of the year that embodies any person’s response to stupid people – ‘Mat Karo Yaar.’ And there are still things that make him say it out loud.

5 things online that make Chetan yell ‘Mat Karo:

  • Boys posting stories of their steering wheels
  • People having 2 Instagram Accounts and both of them being private
  • Lip Syncing reels having more than 1M views
  • Minor kids doing Instagram challenges
  • People asking me to share their reel on my story.

Sirf scroll ‘mat karo yaar,’ check out his page if you haven’t already.

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