If you haven’t yet, then listen to Saahel’s version of all kinds of songs that make you fall in love with the original all over again.

No matter how it’s presented, we appreciate the beautiful symphony that musicians recreate while managing to keep the core emotions intact when they come up with their own versions of popular songs. Indian artist, Saahel knows how to make our hearts flutter with his own renditions. He’s one of the many artists who are capable of presenting their own take on the most popular songs and Saahel’s version is so good that it deserves a separate playlist of its own.

We can dance in the car when the shotgun plays their classic rock collection, remember our long-lost love while listening to Arijit Singh as it rains outside. These moments have us humming along with the lyrics of the song we don’t know but enjoy and help us find peace when we’re feeling sad and lonely. Saahel knows music and he’s aware of what his audience loves. He’s been sharing his version of songs giving us a new approach to the same. His voice is that soothing, acoustic one that hits you in the right spot every time you listen to it. You meet the person you were missing through his voice and walk down the happy lane, he’s that good! He’s not only shared a mashup of various English pop and Bollywood songs but has also given us Hindi versions of various popular English songs. He gave songs like Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon, STAY by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber, and others a desi touch. We made a list of Saahel’s version of songs that we can’t have enough of.

Check them out!

Saahel’s Hindi version

His version of songs


Which other English pop song would you like to see Saahel make a Hindi version of? Let us know in the comments below.

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