Remix Reels by our fave Creators are all you need before a long weekend

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Remix Reels

Creators create entertaining Remix Reels with their fellow creators. And these videos prove that we didn't know we were eagerly waiting for the feature until we saw them.

Creators can make content out of anything and everything. It is amusing how they can turn the smallest most ignore thing in our regular life into a funny sketch. We have seen Creators collaborating with their fellow creators to come together and make hilarious content for the audiences. And these collab videos always turn out to be the best. What can be more exciting than watching two or more of our favourite creators coming together to create content? To help them in this process Instagram launched a new feature called the Remix Reels.

It may not always be possible for some of our creators to physically collaborate. Or at times, the content that one creator makes is way funnier for the other to not make a reaction video. The new feature of Remix Reels will help them do the same to entertain their fans. Soon after the feature was launched we saw a number of Creators try their hand at the feature. These videos prove that we didn't know we needed the feature until we saw them. They are so hilarious that we have to thank Zucker Bhaiya for the amazing addition to our online entertainment. Also, don't forget to swipe till the end for a special mention.

Check out these Remix Reels:

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