From the stellar cast of "Thank you for coming" to Sai Godbole's Cadbury ad, this creator's roundup has every update that made our week better

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From the stellar cast of "Thank you for coming" to Sai Godbole's Cadbury ad, this creator's roundup has every update that made our week better

This week, our favourite influencers gave us a number of reasons to be excited about and also talked about important issues and this creator's roundup has covered everything

Digital stars Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Shibani Bedi, Shehnaz Gill and Shushant Divgikr will be seen on the big screen alongside actress Bhumi Pednekar in their upcoming film "Thank You For Coming". Seeing a stellar cast, the anticipation for the movie is immeasurable. It's releasing in theatres on 6th October and fans can't wait to watch it. Prajakta Koli announced her book and we couldn't wait to know the release date. Well, the wait is over as she recently announced that her fictional novel ‘Too Good To Be True’, which has been acquired by HarperCollins India, and will be published in the summer of 2024. Cadbury India has teamed up with content creator and actor, Shreya Pujari for their new OOH advertising. Highlighting her artistic personality that matches Cadbury's fun and creative character. Shreya's face shows up on billboards around the city. This partnership blends their personalities to make people smile and think in a cheerful way. Another Cadbury ad that caught our attention this week features Said Godbole. It's one of those wholesome Cadbury ads about RakshaBandhan that we see every year around the festival.

It's a good thing that taking care of your mental health is being given the same importance as taking care of our physical health, but we still have a long way to go. Tarini Shah, in collaboration with Maybelline's Brave together initiative talks about Anxiety and how the smallest things paired with overthinking can cause anxiety. One should not think that their issues are small and it is just a phase that's going to pass. We need more conversations on identifying and dealing with these feelings and that's what the "Brave Together" program is about.

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