From Anushka Sen taking time to relax to Ruhee Dosani’s latest collaboration with Madhuri Dixit, everything that social media is buzzing about is in this week’s creators roundup!

You may or may not be the most energetic person at your workplace but you can find some inspiration from your favorite influencers from this week’s creators roundup! Ruhee Dosani is never shy when it comes to flexing her dance skills. She recently collaborated with Madhuri Dixit and they are both flexing their sharp moves on the song “Tu hai mera”.

As we all know, Anushka Sen is on the hustle for her upcoming Korean debut. But she takes some time off her schedule for a road trip around Korea. She recently shared pictures of it on Instagram. Sakshi Sindwani shared a picture of a gorgeous outfit that she wore at Caesars Palace in Dubai. And we can’t wait to see more of it!

Check out what our creators were up to over the weekend!

Hope this makes your Monday a tad easier!

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