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Trends are always on demand, and we asked what creators think the trends of 2023 would look like, and they answered.

If there is anything that fuels the content industry and saves a lot of creators from missing out on its trends. One can always find solace in knowing that one can jump into a trend while one deals with their creative block. With tons to choose from, each category of creator finds trends that work especially well for the kind of content they create. It is not always about following them blindly but also about reinventing them in their unique way. These trends are the reason many enjoy being on social media, increasing engagement on every creator's page. Many find this as a way to entertain themselves when meeting up with their friends or cousins. Dancing to a hook step, finding that X factor to amp up their style or even feeling like they belong, trends are something that everyone loves being part of. We asked creators, 'What kind of content do they think will trend/ be made this year in their field of expertise?' and this is what they replied.

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Here's what they had to say:

"Being a travel vlogger it is very difficult to present your content uniquely, but as technology is advancing, we have 360 cameras which help us to present our experience uniquely. Also, editing software is now helping to make 360 videos easily. So I think 360 cameras will be a trend in 2023" - MohammedAli Mirajkar

"I create content that is highly shareable or relatable and that usually works for me. When people find content that they can relate to, they share it with their friends because that content piece quickly transforms into 'there are people just like me out there who face the same kind of stuff as me'. So creating content that is relatable and shareable is according to me what trends." - Aiman (@justaiming)

β€œMy explore page has changed significantly in the last few months! I see a lot of non-creator profiles pop up and their videos perform extremely well. I see a lot of reels about lifestyle, but I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone. Cooking videos, room decor videos, morning routines/day in my life videos, and videos with extremely short audios (the shorter it gets, the sadder I feel because people's attention spans have declined so drastically!). However, I believe that expressing yourself, showing your natural personality through your content will always be in trend!” - Aashna Hegde

β€œPersonally, I believe that since many 80s and 90s concepts are making a comeback, a mix of modern and vintage style can be a good game for the year.Be it ruffled blouses or floral patterned sarees or dresses. Laces and fringes are already marking a rage for the runway fashion. It will be better to ditch the on your face colours for the year and opt for Safe and subtle colour like lavenders or pastels” - Anusmita Dutta

"This year's fashion trend number one: "GRWM" get ready with me because it allows followers to save and share outfit ideas and new fashion trends. Another will be shopping expedition (outfit, makeup & etc.) People enjoy such videos because they appreciate honest feedback on quality, brand, and pricing… Even brands benefit from this. In fact, Instagram is a powerful fashion force that sets trends and boosts sales." - Kanka Das

Are you ready to follow the trends that awaits you in 2023?

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