Money management or sound mental health, these 16 teachers on IG have you covered!

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These teachers on IG are helping you maintain a healthy body, take care of your digital money, and unlearn so many stigmas!

One can never stop learning, no matter what age one's at. As soon as you graduate and step into the world you find new information to grasp on. From politics, societal changes, changing technology, shows, and travelling to a new place, every aspect of life has something that we either never knew of or something that's newly introduced. No matter what it is, an open mind is what helps us grow as an individual and helps us introduce new things into our lives. Thankfully we are surrounded by media that is always giving out information to keep us updated and there have been many teachers on IG who have been responsible to add value to our everyday lives!

Teachers aren't just the ones who show us how to solve a problem, teach us about history or help us find the right element in Science. Anyone who has the knowledge that can make someone's life a little better is considered a teacher today and teachers on IG are examples of that. If anything they have been able to give a boost to our adult life by helping us unlearn stigmas. For example, doctor, content creator and author, Dr. Tanaya Narendra aka Dr Cuterus is helping us understand everything about PCOS vs PCOD, myths around sexual health, masturbation, and so much more and creators like Anushka Rathod are helping us manage our money better.

On International Education Day, a day that is dedicated to education for playing its role in bringing global peace and sustainable development, we have listed down some teachers who have been sharing their unconventional learnings on social media and making our lives better, one post at a time.

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Check them out!

Simran Balar Jain

Lifestyle influencer, Simran Balar Jain uses her Instagram platform to normalize conversations around topics that are considered to be taboo. Her zeal to learn new things has always pushed her beyond her comfort zone and accentuated her capability to create content across verticals like women’s hygiene, sexual health, travel, F&B, fashion, and so much more.

Seema Anand

An author, mythologist, storyteller, sexual health educator and a digital content creator, Seema Anand makes sure to talk about everything that is considered taboo and breaks long-followed myths through her content.

Dr Yuvraj

A gynaec and IVF Expert, Dr Yuvraj is among India's Top 5 doctors to follow on social media and provides a queer friendly practice. He is making sure to share information on everything that people need to know about healthcare.

Dr Cuterus

Dr Cuterus makes sure to spread awareness and address every taboo surrounding all things sexual health and helps us move past the awkwardness and embarrassment while talking about the same.

Dr Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

One of India's first transgender content creators, Trinetra is someone who has shared her transition journey. She makes sure to talk about awareness around gender, sexuality, mental health while spreading awareness about queerphobia, bullying, and challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.


A treat for every K-culture admirer, Era talks about the nuances of the Korean language, the basics of Korean culture, and her favourite Kdramas all while helping fans fulfil their dream.

Hiral Sejpal

For anyone who is planning on moving to a different country and learn more about the things that is needed, Hiral is giving out information on the same and helping people in any way she can.

Dr Riddhima Shetty

Riddhima is another doctor who is using her social media to share information and answer queries about everything from periods to pregnancies.

Dr Diksha Batra

A dentist, Diksha is helping people on the internet be more aware about their oral health and everything we might tend to avoid when it comes to our teeth, gums and everything in between.


Karishma is an award-winning sexual educator who is using her platform to talk about sexual health and myths, misinformation and more around the same.

Dr Saloni Vora

Saloni learnt about how internal and external factors have an effect on our skin and hair, made a career around it and started sharing the same on social media for people to have easy access to her. She says, “Glowing skin and heads full of beautiful hair became my life goal.”

The Glocal Journal

A travel blogger, The Glocal Journal is giving every wanderlust soul out there a piece of her world by sharing everything she has learned over the years of travelling, making their travel journey a little easy.

Anushka Rathod

With her tips on Investing, Taxes, Budgeting, Insurance, Anushka is helping everyone manage their money better and be wise while spending it.

Ankur Warikoo

From life, money, and time to relationships, Ankur Warikoo has become every adult's go-to when it comes to advice. He is making sure people make mindful choices and become more reasonable human beings.

Simran Jat

A choreographer, Simran has become the internet's favourite when it comes to nailing an ongoing trend or even learning a dance number for an upcoming family function. She makes every dance move look cooler and easier.

Shantanu Dhope

A beauty influencer, Shantanu Dhope is not only stunning people with his incredible makeup skills but also sharing his valuable tips that will help anyone who loves the art become better and avoid making mistakes.

These online teachers are making our adult lives better and you should check them out if you haven't yet!

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