After watching Bhuvan Bam in Taaza Khabar, we spotted some vardaans on these content creators!

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Bhuvam Bam in Taaza Khabar has us wondering what these creators' vardaan is, and once you read this, you'll agree!

Keeping the debate of 'but it's not real, dude' aside, we know we want to have a life like Vasant “Vasya” Gawde (Bhuvan Bam) and wake up one day with a vardaan. Who would want to miss out on the chance to break away from our mundane lives filled with deadlines, assignments and tasks to complete? As humans, we're constantly looking for miracles to happen to us so we can do something extraordinary. There's something about supernatural powers that leaves us looking for stories that talk about it and Disney+ Hotstar's special Taaza Khabar had exactly what the audience was looking for. After watching this one, we wondered what it would be like to have a vardaan in IRL and after spending hours scrolling on Instagram, we realised that some content creators already have this!

Short video platforms can be considered as one of the most popular vardaans in real life because of people who have found a voice for their art. These platforms have been able to entertain us by engaging us in trends, challenges and stories. So when we talk of a gift or something that makes one special, we had to talk about content creators and their talents. Even though they cannot predict the future like Vasya could, some of them sure can do stuff that's no less than a miracle. From turning into someone else effortlessly, creating things from scratch to mastering the art of smooth transitions, they create magic every day.

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Here are some vardaans we've spotted on social media!

Bhuvan Bam, just like his character, has a vardaan to shape shift

Komal Pandey creates an outfit out of anything

Mansi Ugale turns herself into a main character with her incredible self-videography

RJ Karishma brings people together with characters and stories we have seen in real life

Priyanka Panwar can turn into any character or celebrity she wants

Yashraj Mukhate can create music out of anything and everything

Shivesh Bhatia leaves everyone craving for food with his mouth watering recipes

Zakir Khan makes us 'melt' with his shayaris

Anshuman Sharma can help us create music like our favourite artists

Ruhee Dosani makes us want to dance

Kruthika aka Mermaid Scales can connect with any age group with her relatable posts

Sushant Divgikar aka Rani-Ko-He-Nur is a vardaan in herself

Chandini Mimic brings Alia Bhatt a little closer to us

Sakshi Sidhwani can style any celeb outfits and show us how every body can slay them

Tanya Balchandani can multi task as she creates a look while keeping up with the beats

Mythpat has the vardaan to deal with unearthly threats in games and helps us deal with ours with his funny videos

Gayathri has entertaining stories to share as she takes us on her GRWM journey

Apoorva aka Rebel Kid has the vardaan to spill facts with her rant videos

Have we missed out on anyone? Tell us in the comments below!

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