Creators shared their favourite memories with their dad on Father's Day

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Creators shared their favourite memories with their dad on Father's Day

Brown dad kinda love isn't always fluffy but it still has its own charm. On Father's Day, we asked some creators to talk about their favourite memories with their dad and what we received was truly wholesome.

Bonding with your old man is a truly special gig, especially when it comes to brown families where most dads are known for being tough and emotionally unavailable. Sure, they might not dish out softness like mom does, but hey, they've got their own share of wholesomeness. From early morning wake-up calls, morning walks, helping you excel in a hobby to their epic storytelling skills, there's something strangely endearing about the way they show their affection. They help us find new ways to navigate the world. As we grow old, we find less time to spend with our parents but we all have memories that we can look back on and feel good like the time when they taught you to ride a bike with a stern face, and let's not forget those "encouraging" pep talks before exams that somehow blend motivational speeches, threats, and a sprinkle of "when I was your age" anecdotes. It's in those moments, when their strict exterior cracks just a bit, that you realize there's more to them than meets the eye. So, here's to all the brown dads out there, with their unique brand of love that might not be fluffy, but is certainly one-of-a-kind. On Father's Day, we asked some creators to share their favourite memories with their dad and what we received was truly wholesome.

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Check them out!

Mitali Sharma

"I almost drowned that day. Okay! Let me elaborate. I was hardly 4 or 5 years old, very excited to go to see a beach in Goa for the very first time. We had gone there with family and friends and all I wanted to do was to go and jump at the beach. As a small kid, I didn’t even know how to swim so my dad lay back and was relaxing with family and my mom accompanied me to the waters. Though even she didn’t know to swim properly but Papa told us to stay at the shore and let me play there. After 10 minutes, a huge wave came rushing towards us and took both me and Mumma along. We were screaming and panicking like anything. My dad rushed to save us, out of 3 of us, only he knew how to swim. God knows what was in his mind but he jumped straight in, held my mom’s hand, took me in his arms, and rescued us. The salty water had literally gone into my lungs. That day had he not been there, I don’t know what would have happened to mumma and me and he once again proved to us that he's a hero who can do anything for his family. I developed a phobia for water though and he made sure that I learnt swimming at an early age of 6 so that I don’t fear water but can save myself and be independent."

Janhavi Singh

"One of my favorite memories with my father is during the initial days of my content creation. Our home was near the main road, which obviously created a lot of noise while shooting videos. However, my passion for content creation and my desire to help people learn about our culture and spirituality was so strong that I used to wake up at 3 in the morning to shoot. We did this for about four months, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of my father. He used to wake me up in the morning with a reminder, "Utho, video shoot karna hai," as a form of motivation. He would even bring me a cup of coffee to help me shoot better. I would record for 4-5 hours, and he would ensure that there was no noise, helping me set up and doing everything he possibly could. He is the reason I was able to grow and overcome the challenges of shooting in a noisy environment. I am truly grateful for his support and involvement in my content creation journey. We still remember those days and see now how we're moving forward."

Ayush Chudiwala

"My most cherished memory with my father is how we had a routine when was young to go the park every Sunday and play. There have been tough times personally and professionally back in the day for him but he has never let that affect how he spent time with us. Irrespective of the situation he would have a smile on his face and care in his heart for me. We would spend atleast an hour at the park playing cricket, football, or be on the swings and would always pick icecream on our way back home."

Geetika Rawat

"As I reflect on my growth, I find immense joy in driving. Being appreciated while behind the wheel fills me with pride and independence. I believe every girl should learn to drive for their own benefit. Looking back, my dad started teaching me when I was just 10. Although I didn't get to drive a car individually until I was 18, the experience instilled in me the importance of driving and boosted my confidence. I treasure those memories of my dad by my side, it was so much fun. I wouldn’t get scared at all because I knew he is beside me and it made me feel so happy waking up early in morning just to get some new car lessons. He is there since the beginning fearlessly supporting me. His belief in me still fuels my determination to excel and prove myself today."

Hardik Arora

"Whenever we hear any boy mentioning his father, it's kind of a love and hate relationship. They often talk about how strict their father is and how they can never communicate. Unlike all that, I always had great bonding with my father. When I was moving out from my home, my father called me a night before and asked me to join him for a drink. It was his way of preparing me for adulting and the world that I was about to explore. He is legit the best person to exist."

Do you have a favourite story with your dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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