Creators Shazma and Soha are sharing funny instances during Ramadan

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creators Shazma and Soha

As our friends are enjoying the holy month of Ramadan, creators Shazma and Soha share funny parts of keeping a fast.

All of us know that Ramadan is one of the holiest months where everything feels blissful and peaceful. Despite it being one that everyone looks forward to, it's also the time when everyone is counting the days from sehri to iftaar. Our friends promise to fast during this time and do it with dedication and love. Families come together every day as they pray for the well-being of everyone around them. There is a newfound spirit within everyone. But no matter how happy they feel during this season, the urge to ignore their groaning stomachs becomes an obstacle they fight every day.

We have friends who enthusiastically look forward to Ramadan and what they also agree on is the time they spend counting down to iftaar so they can gorge on all the amazing delicacies that their family has prepared for them to break the fast. Creators Shazma and Soha realise the same and they decided to share their feelings with their followers. They have been creating hilarious and relatable videos during Ramadan. From aunties checking on how well others are keeping up with Roza to making promises of eating healthy every Ramazan only to break that promise on seeing a delicious samosa, they're talking about it all and their followers are loving it!

Check it out!

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