YouTuber, Angry Prash releases his much-awaited Aladdin - Part 2 video

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Aladdin - Part 2

Our wait came to an end with YouTuber Angry Prash's new video Aladdin - Part 2. And his video crossed 1.7 million in 4 days!

Every creator has their own USB that makes them intriguing to their followers and while we have become familiar with many of these creators' faces, we also have creators who remain faceless. These creators have maintained their mystery while creating content that has the internet hooked. Angry Prash, one of the popular animated content creators on YouTube is one whose identity remains unknown. Fans are always excited when they're notified of his new video and the latest to have them all engaged in his Aladdin - Part 2 video from his latest three-part series.

Angry Prash has created a unique world using a simple tool, MS Paint, and his extraordinary talent. Today, he has more than 5.75 million subscribers on YouTube and 800K+ followers on Instagram. Prash’s Aladdin series revolves around the classic story of Aladdin but with a twist. The YouTuber has taken inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series in part two of the series.

Angry Prash has recreated Aladdin as a series which has been popularly known as Aladdin - The Magic Bottle which is part one and has got 5.5M viewership on Youtube, part two Aladdin - Pirates of Arabian Sea came after a gap of nine months on high public demand and has 1.6M in 3 days of the release.

Watch the videos here:

Aladdin - The Magic Bottle


Aladdin - Pirates of Arabian Sea

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