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Keep up with your favourite Creators and their social media with this over the weekend round-up.

Our favourite Creators online are doing their bit in keeping entertainment alive in our lives. Their posts not only help us get through the day but also gives us an insight on things that are happening in their life. They have been keeping us posted with the news while sharing their joy with us.

From getting a new pet to uploading a new video on their channel, there a lot that our Creators have been up to this week. We made a list of all such amazing and exciting news that the Creators shared.

Here are all our Creators were up to this weekend:

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Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane🌪❤️

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500k ✨ Wow, this is overwhelming 🌝 . Thanks to everyone who have motivated me to reach this milestone, and work so hard. 😌 . Wouldn’t have been possible without my special people who have pushed me always❤️ ✨ and a big hearty hug to ALL OF YOU who followed me here ❤️ . ☀️I have a little message to budding bloggers/creators: 🌴I am happy to reach the 500k mark, but very honestly have always believed that my work should speak for itself, more than numbers. 🌴Quality always over quantity. Quality work will always find the right audience, brands that matter, and much more satisfaction. 🌴 BE ORIGINAL. Can’t emphasise on this enough. copycats will never make it big, no matter how hard they try. Inspiration is good, but copying is never an option. Nobody is you, and THAT is your superpower. 🌴never let anyone tell you that you’re not ‘good enough’ or you’re ‘too much’. Social media is a place for all, and there’s an audience for everything, do what you want. . 🌴 lastly, be nice to your peers and other people on the internet. Stop judging, live and let live 🌊 . . . . I can go on and on, but i think ill stop for now🥰 . Thanks again everyone, sending everyone good vibes, and love and light♥️✨ . . #500k #larsagopro #goprotravel #larsatravels #travelphotography #travel #travelstoke #girlvsglobe #traveltheworld #travelrealindia #indiatravel #wearetravelgirls #goproindia

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When I started teaching kids in 2016, I always wanted to be a didi to my kids, and never the teacher. Teaching as a profession was the last one on my list because I had always felt that the worst of the lot who do not get any jobs apply for this profession. I felt it was everyone’s last resort, and I never dreamt of last. Eventually over a period of time, being with kids, and helping them grow and learn made me realise the beauty of this profession. Teaching as a job comes up with a lot of responsibilities. You’ve to understand child’s psychology, their dreams and aspirations, and the education. As a teacher you’re even more important than the government because you’re impacting lives in the more direct way, most of the times. It has the power to change the world. I totally agree with the fact that the current education system is failing but I believe that the only one who have the ability to break the moulds and solve this education crisis are teachers. Today in 2020, I dream to be a better teacher, and a part of this revolution. I’m grateful because this realisation has given me a motive to live for, and I’m truly blessed to know how amazing what I’m going for is! #teachingjobs #teachersfollowteachers #teachersmatter #teachersday #education #educateyourself #educationmatters #educationispower #changemakers #ngo

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पाँच सौ, k! ♥️

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