Creators suggest Hindi books that you can add to your reading list

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Creators suggest Hindi books that you can add to your reading list

Here are some book bloggers suggesting Hindi books that will help you see the beauty of the language.

If you too miss the days when your Hindi teacher used to teach poems and stories in class, you are not the only one. Though we all enjoyed listening to those stories, we surely had no idea why they felt so special and intriguing. Reading literature is like a window to a culture, and the culture behind the Hindi language is surely a diverse one. From Prem Chand's grounded stories to the audacious characters of Krishna Sobti, we all have come across stories that have not just inspired us but also introduced us to our beautiful culture and sometimes also addressed the dilemma of society.

Despite being overlooked at times, Hindi has continued the legacy of India's literary heritage over the years. While we have been fortunate to witness moving literary works in the past, Hindi as a language continues to make its mark in the contemporary world as well. We asked a few book bloggers like Vidhya Thakkar, Sidhhi Palande, and Kahaniwali Sonam to tell us about their favorite Hindi read and they shared interesting recommendations with us.

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Here's what they recommended:

Sidhhi Palande

Ibnebatuti by Divya Prakash Dubey

Last year's first read for me was this amazing book, Ibnebatuti penned by Divya Prakash Dubey. Laced with philosophy, student politics, conflict of interests, and casteism, this is an unspoken and warm love story. The book revolves around the life of Shalu Awasthi, a single mother, and a government official. Her son, Raghav, is flying to the USA for further education and is worried that his mother would become lonely. Things change when he accidentally discovers a box full of secrets, a box that carries his mother's past - ruffled, hidden yet unburied. This new development leaves him stunned. His usually conventional and strong mother has had a romantic past. And thus begins a quest to find Aalok Kumar, the man from his mother's past. This story does look simple and run-of-the-mill but it carries the essence of life in itself. The characters are closer to reality and certainly, leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

Divya Prakash Dubey's writing often and always leaves me misty-eyed and this book was no different. This story made me nostalgic as I revisited the old-school romance.

Dastavez by Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam is one of my favorite Indian authors and poets. Her words, nay, she herself, is like poetry. And her collection of letters Dastavez is a testimony of that, and her love for her live-in partner, Imroz. Often Amrita Pritam was away visiting different countries for work purposes and sometimes Imroz too had to be in Bombay for work. This distance bit into her and she would write to her beloved in her solitude. What you shall read in this book aren't just love letters. This is soul stars, twin flames, talking to each other because the love Amrita-Imroz had was certainly celestial. The yearning, concern, hurt, and joy between the two is evident in her words. In fact, when you read her letters you'd surely think out loud that no one writes letters like these anymore, no one can ever write such soulful letters. I cannot express in words what spellbinding effect this book is going to have on you. In my opinion, this book is worth reading. In the times when relationships are determined by a swipe of a thumb, this book is going to teach you what it means to have a pious and untainted love story.

Vidhya A. Thakkar

When it comes to Hindi literature, there's a different joy, a different feeling with which one could connect to. It is like witnessing the mysteries of life and all the drama in form of words. Hindi books are precious. They have their own charm. When the team asked me to recommend two books all I could remember is the two light yet intense books that I read.

Kacche Pakke Rang Zindagi Ke by Sunil Joshi

It is a collection of 16 intriguing stories that portray the shades of life. The stories are light, inspiring, and thought-provoking. It’s a light entertaining read that you can count on!

While it shares stories that will make you witness the joys, some stories will make you question many things. There are lessons to learn and Sunil Joshi, with his practical approach teaches readers about how life can be better when we change our perspective. Each story has its own depth and is intense. Ek safar, Purakh, hakhdar are some of my favorite stories from the book.

Hairat-e-Aashiqui by Nandini Arora

Another book that I loved is the fun read filled with family drama and romance. Hairat-e-Aashiqui by Nandini Arora is a refreshing story of love, friendship and family, just like Bollywood stories. A fast-paced entertaining read that you can count on. Nandini makes the readers smile with the little moments Chingi shares with her family. Those moments will make you feel nostalgic. Loved the way the events took place and the way the story turned out to be. A brilliant storyline with crisp descriptive narrating and engaging writing style.

Kahaniwali Sonam

Godan by Munshi Premchand

When I think about a book that has a love story, struggle, life learnings, and fire against discrimination, this book always comes to my mind - Godan. It is a 1936 Hindi novel that talks about social, political and cultural India written by legendary writer Munshi Premchand. One of the best novels in Hindi literature. It depicts the struggle of a farmer Hori who is exploited by Mahajans, Pandits and Zameendar in the name of caste, religion, rituals, etc. He used to believe in system, law, biradari but later on he realised that these rules and rituals are only for rich people and not for the poor. There is one more story simultaneously going on, "Shehri jeevan" and this was the brilliance of Premchand that he wrote these two plots so beautifully that you will not lose your focus or interest. There is a very good discussion between Mr Mehta and Saroj on modernization and culture. If you ask me my favorite character from the novel, I love the character of Dhaniya, I liked her spark against discrimination. She always stood with truth and worked hard for her family. She has the quality of a true feminist. The language of this novel is quite easy and anybody can understand it.

Ek Duniya Samanantar by Rajendra Yadav

This book is a collection of short stories. It contains stories of relationships, families, self-worth, satire, and society, and all of them are masterpieces. These stories will make you think about life, humans, relationships, love, society, parents, and many other things. Some of my favourite stories are Machhliyan, Ek naav ke yatri, Parinde, Chief ki dawat, Tootna, Yahi sach hai, Sailor and Nanho. So if anybody wants to read something in just one sitting, they should definitely check this short story collection.

Hope you liked these reccos!

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