Trell content creators and lifestyle influencers Tarini Shah and Karishma Rawat talk about their excitement of walking the ramp of Lakmé Fashion Week 2021.

The way the Indian content community has grown over the last few years is really overwhelming. Time and again we have seen them make their way to major events. Content creators and lifestyle bloggers Tarini Shah and Karishma Rawat will be walking the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week 2021 and we are excited to see them making their way to this fashion event.

Tarini and Karishma are two creators who have gradually grown and developed their own niche in the digital world. Both the creators have several times given the audience a new version of a trend while inspiring a new style among their followers. Getting a chance to walk at one of the most prestigious fashion events of India along with popular celebrities has to be a golden feather in their career so far. The two are excited, nervous, and downright happy to get this chance and had a lot to share about the same. We talked to both the influencers to get a gist of what is going on in their minds before they hit the ramp at the Lakmé Fashion Week 2021.

Here’s what they had tp share:

Congratulations on getting the chance to walk the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week 2021. Has the realization hit you yet? How are you feeling?

Tarini Shah, “It’s almost more than a year since I have been creating content, and getting such an opportunity just makes me extremely grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and started creating content. Being able to be a part of the Lakmé Fashion Week, an event that showcases some of the most creative and visionary designers makes me feel honored. When I was on the shoot in Delhi it was one of the most fun experiences, I met the designer himself and we had a great chat about my work and his collection. Everyone else that I met on the set was so sweet and it was a great experience. This is my first time doing something like this and I am super excited to see the final result.”

Karishma Rawat, “It’s surreal; I always wanted to be a part of a major fashion week. With Lakme Fashion Week, I got more than I asked for. The opportunity to shoot for one of India’s finest designers is a dream come true. I have worked really hard and, and I’m glad it’s now being recognized in the industry.”

Tarini Shah

What was your reaction when you received the news?

Karishma, “I was ecstatic and astonished! I started feeling nervous as everything began to set in, but my sole aim was to give it my all.”

Tarini, “I was actually at the Monk-e Office with my managers when we got the call from the Trell team that I will be flying out to Delhi, which by the way is my first ever work trip. I couldn’t believe it for a while but then we started discussing the travel and itinerary and everything hit at once that I will be flying out to be a part of Lakmé fashion week and it was a mix of all positive emotions.”

Have you been preparing for the day? If yes, can you share your preparations?

The days leading up to the shoot involved a lot of emotions from being overwhelmed to screaming in excitement, I have felt a rush of adrenaline while preparing for the day. I was going to see Delhi for the first time and me being my blogger self spent a while figuring out all the outfits for the days leading up to the shoot. Also, went for a fun facial as a treat cause why not ?! To keep in check my feelings and all of the work I was constantly writing in my journal and talking to my friends and family to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. However hectic it may sound right now, the days leading up to the shoot were just as memorable as the actual day,” says Tarini

While Karishma adds, “I began working on my walk and experimenting with expressions within a few hours.  I read about the collection and attempted to learn more about the culture and artists, which helped me comprehend Samant’s collection as a whole. I never take any opportunity for granted and think that in order to obtain the best, one must offer their utmost.”

Your content is one of the reasons that has made this happen. How has this content journey been like so far? Also, how has Trell’s helped in the same?

And according to Tarini, “My journey has had a good amount of ups and downs but it has all lead me to be a part of the Lakmé fashion week from all the mistakes I’ve made to all the lessons I’ve learned they have all made sense now. Being in a space that involves interacting with lakhs of people on a daily basis challenges you constantly. There are so many creative aspects involved in the entire process of curating content eg: conceptualizing, scripting, videography, editing, etc and that is what keeps you on your toes. Trell is a really versatile social media platform. One thing that I really love about Trell, which has also helped me a lot is that being experimental is actually accepted very easily. I was able to try out different genres of content and test my creativity which has proved to be really helpful.

Karishma mentions, “In the online space, you need to constantly keep on evolving and be willing to develop new skills at every turn. I am so grateful to have a job where I can talk about things and ideas I like and make a living out of it! Though I do have to keep up with the ways that are relevant to disseminate the messages I want to deliver to my audience. I have been blogging since it was only about writing, and today the way the audience consumes information has completely changed. I am happy to be a part of Trell Community where I am able to interact with my audience through my videos with so much ease! They provide a strong support system to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. For any creator, it becomes important to know the metrics.”

Would you like to experiment more with your digital content in the future?

Tarini says, “I feel experimenting is something that everyone has to do. A Lot of people including myself in this industry are very passionate about their work and constantly pushing ourselves to curate better and more experimental content that keeps our audience engaged and pushes us out of our comfort zone is the goal.

Karishma, “I think there is no other way to move forward! As content creators we have to keep on learning, adapting, and experimenting in order to bring our messages to our audience in the most impactful manner. The best thing is it is never even possible to predict what the next phase of content creation will be like, but I am excited about it and I am excited to learn and grow!”

Congratulations guys! You can follow Tarini and Karishma on Trell to keep yourself updated.

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